Advising in the MPH Program provides an individual approach to the academic and professional development of each student. On admission, each student is assigned to an academic advisor to assist with academic planning from the MPH faculty. Students must prepare an educational plan before registering for courses in order to map out progress through the degree consistent with career and personal goals. Students are not allowed to register until this educational plan is approved..

Academic advising primarily involves the following items:

  1. Assist course selections and curriculum planning
  2. Monitor student progress in the curriculum and sign the necessary UIS forms, such as student petitions
  3. Provide suggestions to UIS resources (i.e., offices/agencies/persons) that are related to the student’s academic questions/programs and career development
  4. Answer advisees’ questions and provide guidance
  5. Help advisees understand academic policies as outlined in the UIS catalog.

Student responsibility is the most important key success factor to all development. Students are ultimately responsible for meeting University and Departmental requirements. The advisees’ responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Clarify personal values and goals, gather all relevant decision-making information, and accept responsibility for the decision made
  • Familiarize and adhere to all academic policies, requirements, & procedures
  • Monitor DARS every semester to track academic progress
  • Read and adhere to the UIS catalog, MPH Student Handbook, and Student Manual from your advisor (if applicable) carefully, be aware of degree programs and requirements at the university and make use of all academic resources on campus