The International Greek Popular Music Research Consortium [IGPMRC] is an interdisciplinary forum for scholarly discussion about Greek popular song broadly conceived.

A central goal is to extend the scope of traditional academic scholarship by harnessing diverse disciplinary perspectives to examine Greek popular music as a form of integrated social action; a space where cultural and political structures of power and identity are reflected, reinforced, and challenged; a gamut of sentiment through which to understand the political. Framing Greek popular music, and Greekness itself, as critical but ambivalent categories, we hope to generate dialogue around music as a vital source of knowledge especially in the realm of identity creation, and as a tool for unveiling social values and engendering change. 

The IGPMRC engages Greek popular music as a diverse and ambivalent category that includes ‘laïko,’ rebetikο, crossover, hip hop, jazz, experimental genres, and musics of diverse diaspora communities (second-generation Greeks abroad, second-generation immigrant youth in Greece etc.). We are particularly interested in considering issues of migration, globalization, identity formation, hegemony, diaspora, postmigration, marginalization, and exclusion.

The IGPMRC is hosted by the University of Illinois Springfield Music Program.

To contact the International Greek Popular Music Research Consortium, email: