UIS Community Music School

Welcome to the UIS Community Music School, offering instrumental and vocal instruction to students and adults, aged 5+. The purpose of this program is to offer affordable, high quality, individualized music instruction and performance opportunities that enrich our community and campus.

Who Can Enroll?

Individual lessons are offered to students aged 5+, and adults for weekly half-hour, 45-minute, or 1-hour lessons. Summer lesson schedules may vary.


In accordance with UIS policies and and practices to protect the health and welfare of our students, faculty, staff and community during the international COVID-19 public health crisis, many UISCMS faculty will offer lessons online during Summer, 2020.  To apply, fill out a free application form below.

UIS Community Music School Application

Online Application Form (CLICK HERE) 

Contact music@uis.edu, or (217) 206-6240 with any questions about the application process.


Lessons are offered on the following instruments:

  • Violin
  • Viola
  • Cello
  • Bass
  • Flute/Piccolo
  • Clarinet

  • Oboe
  • Bassoon
  • French Horn
  • Trumpet
  • Trombone
  • Tuba

  • Saxophone
  • Piano
  • Percussion
  • Guitar
  • Voice

Lessons are available on a case-by-case basis on traditional musical instruments from around the globe. If you are interested in lessons on a traditional musical instrument, email music@uis.edu or call (217) 206-6240.

Community Music School Faculty

Faculty Roster


Lessons are offered weekly during the fall and spring semesters and on an individualized schedule during the summer semester. Lessons are available in person and online. Individual lesson days/times are arranged by student and instructor.


Applying for lessons is free! The lesson Fee and Administrative Fee are due only once your application has been processed and lessons have been arranged with an instructor. Simply sign back in to your UISCMS account to complete payment.

Per Half Semester

Students may apply for a half semester of lessons that will begin at the start of the semester or mid-semester. Students that complete their 6 lessons at the start of the semester will not be charged an application fee for applying for additional lessons in the same semester.

  • 30-minute private lessons: $157 per half semester ($132 lesson fee + $25 administrative fee (6)
  • 45-minute private lessons: $223 per half semester ($198 lesson fee + $25 administrative fee) (6)
  • 60-minute private lessons: $289 per half semester ($264 lesson fee + $25 administrative fee) (6)

Per Semester

  • 30-minute private lessons: $289 per semester ($264 lesson fee + $25 administrative fee) (12)
  • 45-minute private lessons: $421 per semester ($396 lesson fee + $25 administrative fee) (12)
  • 60-minute private lessons: $553 per semester ($528 lesson fee + $25 administrative fee) (12)

Per Academic Year

Students that enroll for lessons for the full academic year (two semesters) pay a reduced one-time administrative fee of $40

  • 30-minute private lessons: $568 per academic year ($528 lesson fee + $40 administrative fee) (24)
  • 45-minute private lessons: $832 per academic year ($792 lesson fee + $40 administrative fee) (24)
  • 60-minute private lessons: $1,096 per academic year ($1,056 lesson fee + $40 administrative fee) (24)

Individual Lesson Purchase Option: Extra Lessons

With instructor approval, a student may request to add additional lessons to the standard 12 lessons per semester, or 24 lessons per academic year. Notify your instructor of your interest in the extra lessons(s). Upon confirmation by your instructor, you will receive a link to submit payment. Your extra lessons(s) will commence only once you have submitted payment in full.

  • Each additional 30-minute lesson: $22
  • Each additional 45-minute lesson: $33
  • Each additional 60-minute lesson: $44

Trial Lesson Option:

Prospective students are welcome to enroll in a trial lesson with an instructor. An administrative fee is not required when taking a trial lesson.

  • Each 30 minute trial lesson: $22
  • Each 45-minute trial lesson: $32
  • Each 60-minute trial lesson: $44


  • Family Discount – Each additional family member will receive a $10 discount from administrative fee (up to 3)
  • Academic Year Discount – Enroll in lessons for the full academic year and receive a $10 off of the $50 administrative fee
  • Veteran/Active Duty Discount – The application fee is waived for Veterans and Active Duty Military. Veteran/Active Duty Military family members that apply on the same application receive an additional $5 Application Fee Discount (in addition to the regular UISCMS $10 family discount). A copy of the Military ID or DD-214 form is required.

Additional Information


Payment is due by the dates listed above, and is payable online, or by check written to the UIS Community Music School. If payment is not received at the first lesson, the instructor has the right to cancel lessons until payment is received. Except on a rare case-by-case basis, if a student withdraws from lessons at any time, he/she will not be issued a refund.


Student Musicians are required to provide their own instruments for lessons and practice (with the exception of piano and some percussion instruments that are provided for lessons).

Music Scores

Students may be required to purchase music scores and method books.

End-of-Semester Recital Option

Each semester, Community Music School students will have the opportunity to perform on a student recital. Instructor permission required.

Lesson Location

Lessons are held in the Visual and Performing Arts Building on the campus of the University of Illinois Springfield. You will be notified of your specific lesson location by your instructor.


Students will be provided with a list of local piano accompanists. Instructors may request use of an accompanist in performance/lessons.

Attendance Policy

In the event of absence, notify your instructor at least 24-hours in advance or as far in advance as possible. One make-up lesson is granted each semester, provided that the student has given the instructor at least 24 hours advanced notice. A lesson missed due to bad weather may be made up if time allows.

*Tuition Refunds are only possible on a rare case-by-case basis.

*If an instructor cancels a lesson, a make-up lesson will be scheduled at a mutually convenient time.

*If lessons have been suspended due to delinquent payment, make-up lessons will not be scheduled.

*The Community Music School is not open to students that are enrolled at UIS.

Music Ensembles

Band – Chorus – Orchestra

Music ensembles are open to students in the Community Music School who are 12 years of age, or older, with permission of their instructor. Check the appropriate box on the application form to indicate your interest in an ensemble. Students may participate in more than one ensemble.

Online Application Form (CLICK HERE) 

UIS Community Music School Recital Form

UISCMS students and faculty, click the link above to fill out a UISCMS Recital Form to reserve a spot to perform on the recital.