The School of Health Sciences Suite is located in the Student Life Building (SLB) on the northeastern part of campus. The suite houses the BS in Exercise Science Program’s two classrooms and the Exercise Science Laboratory.

The School of Health Sciences

The School of Health Sciences Suite was constructed in the summer of 2017 after being designed by the Athletic Training and Exercise Science Faculty to enhance learning and maximize space.

The Exercise Science Lab

The Athletic Training and Exercise Science programs share this space.

Athletic Training Classrooms

Both AT classrooms have combination tables with removable pads that allow the table to convert from a student desk to an evaluation table.  Room 105 also includes a 10 station taping bench.

View from Inside Room 105

The large photographs on the walls are very impressive.

Side Hallway

UIS students and staff were the models for all the artwork in the Suite

Modalities Lab

10 fully adjustable tables and numerous modality units allow state of the art hands-on learning. Equipment includes – 2 wall diagnostic units; 2 four-channel estim with ultrasound and EMG; 1 laser therapy unit; 2 Hivamat units, 1 Game Ready cold therapy unit, and a Medi-4 Elite Game Ready unit.

Wet Lab

In this area students acquire the skills to use various warm and cold therapy techniques to enhance and speed healing. Equipment includes – 2 whirlpools, hydrocollator, paraffin wax bath, nugget ice machine, refrigerator, and various cold therapy units.