Tuition & Fees

The University of Illinois Springfield strives to be an affordable option for graduate students and to provide the student with the information to be a savvy consumer.  Students are encouraged to utilizes the following resources with regards to tuition and fees:

  • Student Consumer Information – provides information about UIS policies, services, and resources
  • Cost of Attendance – provides the current estimated cost of attendance and an explanation of any graduate student fees
  • Tuition, Fees, and Assessments Calculator – provides an ESTIMATE your total tuition, fees, and assessments based on the information provided. All amounts are SUBJECT TO CHANGE without advance notice.
  • For official information, please visit the Tuition page of Records & Registration. All amounts are SUBJECT TO CHANGE without advance notice.

Athletic Training Lab Fees

The Master of Athletic Training (MATR) Program assesses a $200 lab fee for each practicum course in the curriculum. The lab fees will be utilized to provide students with items required for clinical education rotations (clothing, fanny pack, scissors, etc.) and courses (supplies, apps, online practice exams, etc).

The practicum courses offered in the MATR Program with the $200 lab fee are ATH 519, 529, 539, 549, 559, and 569.


Students are required to be in MATR program approved attire when attending clinical education rotations. Prior to the first clinical course students will be provided with one polo, two t-shirts and one sweatshirt or fleece jacket. Additional clothing items may purchased by the student at designated times. Please see the MATR Student Handbook for all the uniform guidelines.

Travel to Clinical Sites

Students are responsible for the costs associated with travel (gas, food. etc.) to and from clinical sites. These costs will vary based on the clinical site and vehicle performance but students should plan additional funds into his/her budget to cover the costs.


The MATR Program Faculty recognize the significant cost associated with purchasing textbooks and have tried to approach the textbook decision process with a frugal mindset. Student can be assured that if a textbook is required, that the textbook will be an integral part of the course and necessary to the student’s educational process. Additionally, when possible, the Faculty have chosen textbooks that can be used for multiple courses in an effort to help keep costs down. Finally, the Faculty also utilize the Board of Certification for the Athletic Trainer (BOC) Exam Reference List to determine the resources for each course.

The following list of textbooks and their estimated costs are SUBJECT TO CHANGE, students should confirm with the course instructor and with the UIS Bookstore for most up to date information. The UIS Bookstore participates in a price matching program with other retailers, students should refer to the Price Match Guarantee page for more information.