Creating a Scholarship

At UIS, you have the opportunity to create your own named scholarship fund. You’ll be joining more than 100 generous donors who each year are making a difference in the lives of our students and in their futures.

We have several possibilities to offer you, with information on each.

  • Endowed scholarships are the most powerful scholarship funds because they create scholarships year after year. Interest from your gift funds the scholarships; the principle remains. A minimum of $25,000 creates an endowed scholarship.
  • Current-use scholarships are very nimble scholarships because you fund them for only one year at a cost of $1000 (or $84/month). You still get to name the scholarship and decide the kind of student who will receive the scholarship.

After You Create a Scholarship

Gift Officers for You to Contact

  • Athletics
    Roy L. Brown, III, 217.206.8547;
  • College of Business and Management
    Katie Champion Williams, 217-206-7389;
  • College of Education and Human Services; and UIS Performing Arts Center
    Division of Advancement, 217-206-6058
  • College of Liberal Arts and Sciences; and Center for State Policy and Leadership
    Pamela Hulton, 217-206-6036;
  • College of Public Affairs and Administration; and Peoria and Tazewell Counties
    Terri Hempstead, 217-206-6059;
  • Corporate and Foundation Relations
    Jennifer Bettis, 217-206-7075;
  • Illinois Innocence Project
    Courtney Cosgrove Reed, 217-414-9301;
  • NPR Illinois
    Randy Eccles, 217-206-6403;
    Nice Garcia, 217-206-6643;
  • Performing Arts Center
    Bryan Rives, 217-206-8280;
  • Student Affairs
    Lisa Whelpley, 217-206-6058;

Scholarships Granted by Year


Please feel free to contact us.