Capital Scholars (CAP) Honors Program Scholarships for New First-Year Students

The following are available awards beginning in Fall 2024, for new first-year, first-time students at UIS admitted to the Honors program.

High School GPA
Scholarship Award
per year
Scholarship Name
4.0tuition + housing
each semester
3.5Chancellor's Scholarship*
4.0$8,0003.0Provost's Scholarship
3.75 - 3.99$7,0003.0Dean's Scholarship
3.50 - 3.74$6,0003.0Honors Scholarship
3.25 - 3.49$4,0003.0 Honors
Effective Fall 2024

*Competitive and open to all students who are admitted to CAP Honors with a 4.0 unweighted GPA. Covers tuition up to 16 credit hours/semester and standard housing on campus. Up to five students awarded each year. Consult with the CAP Honors Program for more information.

Students may be offered a CAP Honors Scholarship and a UIS Star Scholar Award; however, they may not receive both at the same time.

New students beginning at UIS for the 2023-24 academic year and beyond may not have combined UIS scholarships that exceed tuition and mandatory fee charges. Therefore, some students may see a reduction in scholarship funds on their comprehensive financial aid offer notification. More details may be found here.

up to $8,000/year
Grant Source