Established in 1957, this award has been bestowed upon alumni of the University of Illinois who have made significant, notable and meritorious contributions, and who have consistently demonstrated exceptional loyalty, commitment, dedication and service to the University for the advancement of their alma mater.

Recipients are alumni who have distinguished themselves by donating their time and talent on behalf of the University. Each recipient must be nominated for the award. Based on these nominations, the Alumni Board may select up to 12 recipients per year. Recipients will receive awards at an appropriate University related event.


  • Nomination is required. Nominees must be living at the time of their nomination. Nominations will be considered active for five years.
  • Nominee must hold an earned degree from the University of Illinois.
  • Nominee must be an individual who, in deed or action, reflects and recognizes the importance of the University; who demonstrates pride in his/her alma mater; and whose interest and loyalty are evident by his/her significant, notable and meritorious contributions for the advancement of the University.
  • Nominee must be an individual in whom alumni, students, faculty and staff of the University of Illinois will take pride and be inspired by his/her recognition.
  • Current members of the University of Illinois Board of Trustees; UIAA Board of Directors; the UIS Alumni Board; the Awards and Recognition Committee; and relatives, employers or employees thereof are not eligible for consideration.
  • Persons currently holding or running for elected state or federal public office in Illinois are not eligible for consideration.
  • Previous recipients of this award are not eligible for reconsideration.
  • The award may not be conferred in absentia; however, it may be granted posthumously.

Nominate Deserving Alumni Today

Recipients must be nominated for the award. Working from these nominations, the Alumni Association Awards and Recognition Committee will select the recipients. The awards will be presented at Commencement or an Alumni Association event. Please complete this online form to submit a nomination.

Please be advised: Should the committee determine the nominee would be more appropriately honored by means of a different award, the committee reserves the right to consider each nominee for other, more suitable recognition.

If you have questions, feel free to contact us at advancement@uis.edu or by phone at 217-206-6058.

Previous Recipients

  • 2012
    Barbara Burkhardt ’84 (UI), MA ’90 LAS, PHD ’94 (UI)
    Bill Furry ’85 LAS, MA ’97 LAS
  • 2011
    Victor Juarez , ‘87 CBM
    Grace Wenz MA ’73 EHS
  • 2010
    Timothy A. Schweizer, MBA ‘85
    Janice M. Spears ’73 LAS, MA ’74 LAS, MA ’81 EHS
  • 2009
    Nancy L. Chapin, ma ’73 ehs
    Roberta Volkmann, ma ’73 las
  • 2008
    Susan L. Blocker ’01 CBM, MBA ’03
    Bruce L. Bullard, MA ’92 CBM
    Ronda Y. Guyton ’04 PAA
    Barbara A. Lestikow ’66 ED, MA ’75 EHS
    Donovan W. Pepper ’94 PAA, MA ’96 PAA
  • 2007
    Linda L. Brookhart ’99 CBM
    Robert O. Clary, MBA ’85 CBM
    L. Michael Purnell ’78 LAS
  • 2006
    Randall F. Dunn ’73 CBM, MA ’74 PAA
    William G. Hall ’70 LAS, MA ’73 EHS
    Claudia Pitchford ’00 LAS
  • 2005
    Trudy L. Malkey ’01 CBM
    Peggy L. Mayfield ’93 EHS, MA ’96 EHS
    Denise Y. Yates ’96 EHS, MA ’98 EHS
  • 2004
    John D. Blackburn, MA ’79 EHS  
    Deborah K. Cimarosa ’93 CBM, MA ’98 LAS
    Thomas S. Duncan ’00 CBM
  • 2003
    Krishna M. Brahmamdam, MA ’98 LAS, MBA ’04
    James I. Matheis ’82 PAA
    Heather N. Nifong, MA ’92 LAS, MPH ’99   
    Sister Arlene Winkler, MA ’81 EHS
  • 2002
    Edward A. Brooks ’50 ENG, MA ’74 PAA
    Helen E. Brooks
    Jerome W. Donovan ’96 CBM
    Cindy Terry, MA ’72 EHS
  • 2001
    Helen Adorjan ’63 COM, MA ’72 LAS
    Charles H. Northrup, LLB ’39 LAW, MA ’80 LAS
  • 2000
    Maureen L. Bartels ’97 CBM
    Paul R. Craig, MA ’74 LAS
    Ethel Gingold ’40 LAS, MA ’73 EHS Justice and Social Order), MA ’79 EHS (Human Services)
    Leroy A. Jordan, MA ’72 EHS
    David P. Marshall ’98 CBM
    Jana E. Wise ’92 CBM
  • 1999
    Mary P. Bohlen, MA ’78 LAS
    Pam McClelland ’90 CBM, MA ’95 CBM
    Ed McDowall, MA ’92 LAS
    Mary Rechner ’98 CBM
    Pauline Santini ’80 CBM