It all begins with a Day of Giving on Thursday, March 3

This year's Faculty and Staff Campaign will kick off March 3. All employees were invited to attend the in-person event in the Student Union Ballroom to learn about the campaign, get some free swag, make a gift if you wish, and grab a free to-go lunch.

March 3 also marks the start of a Crowdfunding element to this year's FASC. Twenty-six units on campus have put together a campaign and have a month to share their stories and raise awareness (and funds). Those are available to view and donate to on our UIS Crowdfunding website. Donations also can be made to other funds at

Any employee who makes a gift on Thursday, March 3 will get a free UIS webcam cover!

And the first 100 UIS employees who make a gift to UIS (any amount, any fund) between March 1 – March 7 will receive two tickets to “The Choir of Man” at Sangamon Auditorium. This generous incentive was made possible by the UIS Performing Arts Center.

Why give?

Faculty and staff members often find that their passions and interests intersect with the mission and programs at UIS. In addition to the time and talent you share each day through your work, giving back offers an opportunity to come together to work to change our community for the better. We are lucky to have such generous employees at UIS: During the 2021 fiscal year, 50.64% of UIS employees made at least one (but often more than one) gift to UIS! Gifts of any amount, to any area of UIS, “count” as part of the campaign.

To answer questions and provide encouragement to give, each unit on campus has a Faculty and Staff Campaign ambassador. A list of the 2022 Ambassadors is available here:

Donations can be made by visiting, or if you prefer payroll deduction, visit to download the form, then fill it out and email it to You can always call the Advancement Office at 217-206-6058 for more information as well.

Three pertinent questions about giving to UIS

  1. Does my gift really make a difference?
    Yes! The more people who choose to give, the greater the collective impact will be.
  2. I work at UIS; why should I also give to UIS?
    Your special perspective on campus needs allows you to discover your personal philanthropic passion and to judge which causes on campus will best benefit from your gifts. And when your personal cause thrives, you will be among the first to know. More than that, you’ll be joining a winning team: UIS regularly sets records or near records in faculty and staff giving. And remember: All gifts are tax-deductible.
  3. Students pay tuition. Why does UIS need charitable support?
    State funding has changed. We used to describe public universities as “state funded” but we now instead say “state assisted.” UIS has become more frugal, but we can’t expect students alone to make up the difference in funding. Your gifts help us sustain and even enrich the value of a UIS education.

Faculty & Staff Giving in 2021

Campaign Leadership

Members of the 2022 Faculty and Staff Campaign Council are members of the UIS community who understand the importance of the mission of UIS and are willing to advocate that mission by donating their time and resources to assist in promoting the campaign. They work with the Annual Giving staff in the Office of Advancement to educate fellow employees on the importance of giving.

Council members and Advancement staff are available to speak about giving to UIS at meetings of any size. Call 206-6058 to schedule a brief presentation for your department today.

Jo Barnard
BRK 140

Len Bogle
BRK 377

Doug Brackney
SAB 50

Chrissy DeWerff
PC 430

Valerie Gebhardt
HRB 64

Ann Gemberling
UHB 4000

Jackie Gillock
PAC 525

Mike Krcil
UHB 1076

Chrisa Potthast
HRB 80

Justin Rose
SLB 20

Larry Shiner

Jorge Villegas
UHB 4054

Jeff Williams
BSB 151

Marcel Yoder