These programs have unique tuition and fee waiver requirements and tuition schedules, and so are an addendum to Tuition Waiver Policy.

Cost recovery programs are those that:

  • are allocated no state funds and must generate all costs through tuition and fees,
  • are approved by the Board of Trustees, and
  • are exempt from all tuition and fee waiver programs, but
  • must honor statutory waivers.

Self-supporting programs are those that:

  • receive no direct state subsidy (general revenue funds),
  • may depend on a special Board of Trustees approved tuition rate to cover additional costs of developing and offering the program,
  • are usually aimed at non-traditional audiences (e.g. professional, off-campus, online), and
  • are exempt from all tuition and fee waiver programs, but
  • must honor statutory waivers (information on statutory waivers).

Approved Self-Supporting Programs:

ION Professional eLearning Programs

Approved Cost Recovery Programs:

Graduate Academic Partners Online Graduate Degree Programs

  • Online MBA - 40PE9875MBAU
  • Online MS Finance - 40PE5624MSU
  • Online MS Human Resource Management - 40PE5715MSU                                      
  • Online MS Healthcare Informatics - 40PE6029MSU
  • Online Masters in Cybersecurity Management* - 40PE6027MSU
  • Masters in Management Information Systems* - 40PE9890MSU

Graduate Academic Partners Online Graduate Certificate Programs

  • Online Graduate Certificate Human Resource Management (if primary curriculum) - 40PE5325NDEU
  • Online Graduate Certificate in Applied Finance (if primary curriculum) - 40PE5592NDEU
  • Online Graduate Certificate in Operations & Supply Chain (if primary curriculum) - 40PE5530NDEU
  • Graduate Certificate in Cybersecurity Administration*- 40PE5968NDEU
  • Graduate Certificate in Cybersecurity Management* - 40PE5969NDEU
  • Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics* - 40PE5640NDEU
  • Graduate Certificate in Business Process Management* - 40PE5159NDEU
  • Graduate Certificate in IT Project Management*- 40PE5157NDEU

*Anticipated August 2022