Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the UIS Office of Disability Services Located?

The Office of Disability Services is located in HRB 64. If more specific directions are needed please contact the ODS at 217-206-6666.

Who is eligible to receive disability related accommodations?

All students who have been accepted by the University of Illinois Springfield, are registered for classes, and have documentation that meets the University’s documentation criteria approved through the UIS Office of Disability Services are eligible under appropriate circumstances to receive disability related accommodations within their educational program and classes.

How do I obtain disability-related accommodations?

You must register with the UIS Office of Disability Services and provide your documentation for determination of eligibility. During this process you will meet with a Disability Specialist who will discuss pertinent University policies, the documentation/ accommodations process and available services. If you are an online student, you will correspond with your disability specialist via email and/or phone. Once your documentation is approved, reasonable and appropriate accommodations will be discussed and decided for your classes.

How is eligibility determined?

To qualify as a person with a disability within UIS policies, you must be diagnosed with a disability and provide appropriate documentation that justifies, thorough diagnostic tests, significant or below average limitations to your daily life functioning. If the areas of functioning you consider weaknesses are within the average range of functioning compared to others your age, you may not be considered to have a disability and not eligible to receive disability-related accommodations.

Does the admission process to University of Illinois Springfield consider a student’s disability?

  • Admission to University of Illinois Springfield is based upon an applicant meeting published admission criteria of the University without regard to any disability.
  • Students are notified of acceptance to UIS by a letter from the Office of Admissions.
  • Students seeking admission to the various programs and majors must meet the admissions requirements for the particular program and/or major with no preferences provided on the basis of disability.
  • Requirements for entry into, participation in, and completion of various majors and programs are available in the University catalog.
  • Please contact the UIS Office of Admissions online at or call (1-888-977-4847, or 217-206-4847) to obtain admission applications or additional admissions information.

What disabilities are recognized?

The Office of Disability Services recognizes all types of disabilities, although some are more commonly seen than others. To meet the adult criteria of a disability pursuant to federal law, the student must have “a significant impairment that substantially limits their functioning”. A significant impairment is defined as “below average functioning.”

Why do I have to provide ODS with documentation?

It is the student’s responsibility to provide the staff of the Office of Disability Services with the appropriate documentation of his/her disability, which usually comes from a physician, psychologist, or other licensed professional. Documentation is needed to fully address the current diagnosis and specific functional limitations, as well as to assess testing data that substantiates a “significant impairment” in academic functioning.

Why do I have to pay for documentation?

It is the responsibility of the student to provide the appropriate documentation of his/her disability. The Office of Disability Services staff does make suggestions for local testing for learning disability evaluations. Every student has the right to obtain his/her documentation wherever they choose. If you are eligible for services through your State Vocational Rehabilitation agency, you may qualify for an evaluation at no cost to you.

What types of assistive technology are available at UIS?

UIS provides qualified students with access to a variety of appropriate forms of assistive technology. Some of these technologies include: JAWS, ZoomText, Dragon Naturally Speaking, and Read & Write Gold.

A student can setup assistive technology training by contacting their disability services specialist in the Office of Disability Services. Learn more about assistive technology products provided at UIS

Are there health services available for students on campus?

Any UIS student seeking health related services is eligible to visit Campus Health Services located in HRB 64. Appointments can be scheduled by calling 217-206-6676 or stopping by the office. UIS is also fortunate enough to be located nearby Memorial Medical Center and St. John’s Hospital, as well as a number of health clinics where services can also be obtained.

What do I have to do if I have a temporary disability?

For a student requesting services for a temporary disability, the initial procedure is similar to that of all other disabilities. The student must first schedule an appointment with a disability specialist who will inform them at that time of the necessary documentation for their specific disability, and explain the accommodation process.

How do I file a complaint?

Any individual who feels he or she have been discriminated against or treated unjustly may file a complaint in the Office of Access and Equal Opportunity located in PAC 491 or by calling 217-206-6222. Additional information regarding filing a complaint is available on the Office of Disability Services website.

How can I register accessible transportation?

Access Springfield provides transportation for persons with disabilities who are unable to use the SMTD fixed-route bus service. Individuals with disabilities must apply to become eligible to use the service. To become eligible, the individual must meet one of the three categories.

  • An individual with a disability who is unable to disembark from any vehicle on the SMTD fixed-line system.
  • Persons who cannot use SMTD buses without lifts (These persons are eligible for Access Springfield service if accessible, fixed-route vehicles are not available on the route on which they need to travel or at the time they need to travel.)
  • Anyone with a disability who cannot travel to or from an SMTD bus stop. An application must be submitted online OR you may print the application and mail to:
    928 S. 9th Street
    Springfield, IL 62703
  • Once you are approved, call 217-522-8594 to reserve a ride.

How do professors know about my accommodations?

Once the documentation procedure is completed, the student will meet with his/her Disability Specialist to formulate accommodation letters that are then presented to specified professors by the student. These letters state information pertaining to the accommodations that are to be provided but do not state information pertinent to the type of disability itself. Once developed, the letters are then hand-delivered by the student in a confidential manner, to each professor typically during his/her office hours. Students must verbally request approved accommodations from their professors. Accommodations must be requested each semester from the Office of Disability Services.

Why do I have to sign a release of information?

The Office of Disability Services takes the confidentiality of your information seriously. Federal law requires that information obtained on the behalf of a student or that must be released to another party must be approved in writing by the student. You may be asked to sign a release of information for your parents, your doctor, or your therapist. You may inquire about signing a release of information with your specialist in the Office of Disability Services.