How to File a Complaint

It is the policy of the University of Illinois Springfield campus to maintain an educational and work environment in which each member of the community may enjoy his or her rights as a human being free of discrimination or harassment.

Informal Grievance Procedure

These procedures are applicable, though not exclusive, for all campus-based employees, including University administration employees, and students and applicants for employment and student admission at UIS.

  • The complainant, or someone acting with the complainant’s permission on his or her behalf, should lodge a complaint orally or in writing with the AEO. To encourage victims of discrimination to feel free to contact the AEO, callers may use a direct phone line to the AEO (217-206-6222) and in-person contact with the AEO may occur at a location other than the AEO office as agreed to by the AEO.
  • Upon receipt of the complaint, the AEO shall first confer with the alleged victim to establish the nature of his/her complaint. The AEO shall provide a copy of the appropriate campus policy and inform the complainant of the avenues of external redress.
  • Within fourteen (14) days, the AEO will inform the alleged discriminator of the nature of the complaint and of the identity of the complainant and will meet separately and/or together with the complainant, the alleged discriminator, and whomever else is necessary to ascertain the factual basis of the complaint and to attempt to resolve the complaint informally.
  • The complainant may choose to file a formal grievance at any time.
    Formal Grievance Procedure:
  • Whether or not the informal resolution process is used, a person alleging discrimination may initiate the formal grievance resolution process by submitting a formal written charge of discrimination to the AEO within one year of the matter being grieved, if the grievant is a student.
  • Upon receipt of the complaint, the AEO shall provide the alleged victim with a copy of the appropriate campus policy and inform him/her of avenues for external redress.
  • Upon receipt of a written charge of discrimination or a request that formal procedures be instituted, the AEO will transmit copies of the grievance/request to the alleged discriminator, the appropriate unit head, and the appropriate vice chancellor.
  • AEO will then proceed with an investigation of the grievance, which shall include an opportunity for the grievant to be represented throughout the grievance.
  • In conducting the investigation, the AEO will have unrestricted access to all pertinent material, records, reports, documents and computerized information in the possession of any campus personnel, and the AEO shall be afforded the opportunity to interview all persons possessing relevant information.
  • Both the grievant and the alleged discriminator may submit whatever information they deem desirable.
  • Obstruction of an investigation of an allegation(s) of discrimination shall be grounds for disciplinary action or sanctions by the appropriate vice chancellor administration designee.