How to Receive Accommodations

  • A Disability Specialist will interview the student in person or via email/phone to determine accommodations specific to both the student’s needs and based on the appropriate documentation.
  • Students can hand deliver their accommodation letters to their professors during the professor’s office hours. It Online students must email their accommodation letters to their professors.
  • After the professor and student have agreed upon the academic accommodations requested and have both signed the letter of accommodation; the student is responsible to return a copy of all the academic accommodation letters to their ODS disability specialist. Online students will email the signed letter to their specialist. The student will not receive academic accommodations until ODS has the accommodation letters signed by the professor and student.  The letter is the agreed upon academic accommodations that the professor will provide the student in that particular class.  If there is disagreement regarding the requested academic accommodations, the student may contact their ODS disability specialist and a meeting will be scheduled, if necessary, with the professor, student, ODS director and disability specialist.
  • Planning and implementation of accommodations by the professor may take time; therefore, letters approving accommodations should be delivered as soon as possible.
  • Problems with receiving accommodations should first be communicated to the professor by the student. If not resolved, the student should contact their Disability Specialist.
  • If a student adds a class they must notify their Disability Specialist as soon as possible if accommodation letters are needed. Failure to notify your specialist as soon as possible may result in delay of accommodations.
  • Students must contact the ODS at the beginning of each semester to arrange for academic accommodations.
  • Students who think they are not being appropriately accommodated may file a complaint by contacting the Office of Access and Equity at:
    University of Illinois Springfield
    One University Plaza, HRB 20
    Springfield, IL 62703
    Phone: 217-206-6222
    Learn more about filing a complaint

Students are personally responsible for applying in a timely manner to the UIS ODS regarding their need for accommodations upon admission to UIS.

Accommodations include, but are not limited to: Extended time on exams; Quiet, distraction reduced environment for taking exams; Notetaker; Priority registration; Closed captioning; Interpreter; With professors’ approval, may record lectures; Assistive Technology (JAWS, Zoom Text); Braille; Digital text; Audio books; Enlarged print; Service animals.