Transitioning from High School to College

What To Do

College is very different from high school in many ways.  Students with disabilities will need to be aware of the policies and procedures of the Office of Disability Services and also of their rights and responsibilities while attending UIS. Please See the Office of Disability Services Student Resource Manual.


It is the student’s responsibility to approach professors, make an appointment to give them Academic Accommodation Letter once registered with the Office of Disability Services, (ODS).   You do NOT have to provide your professor with information about your disability, but we encourage you to as it may provide your professor with information to help you in your courses. Students must contact (ODS) to register for services. When you self-disclose and provide documentation; be prepared to talk with your Disability Specialist about any past academic accommodation received, your diagnosis outlining your strengths and weaknesses. Be ready to also tell your Disability Specialist what accommodations you are requesting at this time and present the documentation to justify the requests you are making.

Documentation Guidelines

See UIS’s disability documentation criteria guidelines on our website. An Individualized Educational Plan,(IEP) does not ensure a student will be considered a student with a disability at UIS after the first semester.   Students will be expected to provide appropriate documentation to be approved by the ODS staff after the first semester attending courses at UIS. UIS may request additional documentation from an individual who has had an IEP if the IEP was not in effect immediately prior to the date when the individual exited high school.