Prospective Students: Overview

Register with the Office of Disability Services

Video on ODS Services and Accommodations

The Office of Disability Services provides accommodations for any disability, most importantly, any functional limitations of your disability.

All prospective or new students must

  • Once you are admitted to UIS, contact the Office of Disability Services to discuss your disability and needs.
  • Schedule an initial interview in person or online/phone (if you’re an online student) with a specialist to register with the Office of Disability Services. Complete paperwork (application, confidentiality agreement, release of information forms, etc.) during initial appointment.
  • Complete an ODS application for services
  • Complete a Release of Information form
  • Provide documentation of your disability that meets UIS criteria for obtaining disability related academic
    accommodations. Read more about disability documentation criteria
  • Request accommodations for your classes during the first two weeks of the semester.
  • Hand deliver letters of accommodations and verbally discuss those accommodations with each of your professors. If you’re an online student, email the letters to your professors and discuss the accommodations via email or phone.
  • See online degree programs