Explore the Chemistry of Environmental Science

Our B.S. in Chemistry with a Science of the Environment concentration offers a dynamic pathway for students passionate about environmental technology and government agencies. This program equips you with the knowledge and skills to address pressing environmental challenges.

Advising for Success

Your academic journey begins with expert guidance. Upon admission to the University, consult with an academic advisor to ensure you're on track with your required courses. Becoming a chemistry major is straightforward; complete a Change of Curriculum form on the Records and Registration website, and you're set!

Who Can Apply

Whether you're a first-year student or a transfer student with more than 30 credit hours, our advisors are here to assist you in selecting the right courses and discussing your career aspirations.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of this program are well-prepared for diverse careers at the intersection of chemistry and environmental science. Here are just a few possibilities:

  1. Environmental Scientist: Study the environment, assess pollution levels, and develop solutions for a cleaner planet.
  2. Environmental Analyst: Analyze data to track environmental trends and support sustainable practices.
  3. Water Quality Technician: Monitor and test water samples to ensure safe and clean drinking water.
  4. Environmental Health and Safety Specialist: Promote workplace safety and environmental compliance.
  5. Conservation Scientist: Work to protect natural resources and ecosystems.
  6. Environmental Policy Analyst: Shape environmental policies and regulations at government agencies.
  7. Sustainability Consultant: Advise organizations on sustainable practices to reduce their environmental impact.
  8. Air Quality Specialist: Focus on air quality control and emissions reduction.
  9. Waste Management Specialist: Manage waste disposal and recycling programs.
  10. Ecologist: Study the interactions between organisms and their environments.
  11. Renewable Energy Analyst: Explore clean and sustainable energy solutions.
  12. Environmental Educator: Teach and raise awareness about environmental issues.
  13. Research Scientist: Conduct cutting-edge research on environmental challenges.
  14. Climate Change Analyst: Study and address the impacts of climate change.
  15. Wildlife Biologist: Focus on the conservation and management of wildlife.
  16. Chemical Safety Officer: Ensure chemical safety in laboratory settings.
  17. Natural Resource Manager: Oversee the sustainable use of natural resources.
  18. Hazardous Materials Manager: Handle and dispose of hazardous materials safely.
  19. Forester: Manage and conserve forests and woodlands.
  20. Geospatial Analyst: Use geographic information systems (GIS) to analyze environmental data.

Achieve Your Environmental Vision

If you're passionate about making a positive impact on the environment and have questions about this program, reach out to us. We're here to help you thrive in this vital and rewarding field.

Launch your career in environmental science with the B.S. in Chemistry and a Science of the Environment concentration at UIS. Your future in protecting and preserving our environment begins here, and we're here to support your journey every step of the way.

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