The Chemistry curriculum is designed to prepare students for direct entry into the chemical profession or for further studies in graduate or professional programs. The department is accredited by the American Chemical Society’s Committee on Professional Training. Our curriculum leads to ACS certification in either chemistry or chemistry with a biochemistry track.


The Biochemistry curriculum is designed to prepare students for the biomedical sciences and/or health professions through a strong background in chemistry and its application to biological systems. The degree meets or exceeds the requirements for those students pursuing a professional degree, e.g. medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy, as well as those interested in graduate work in associated sciences, e.g. biochemistry, pharmacology, and molecular biology. The curriculum meets the recommendations of the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.

Undergraduate Research

One of the advantages of getting a Chemistry degree from UIS is the requirement to conduct an original research project. This requirement is fulfilled by earning three (3) credits of CHE 302 or CHE 400. These credits can be earned on campus in a project with one of the Chemistry Department faculty or in an off-campus research internship. The three credits of CHE 302 or CHE 400 meet the University requirements for three credits of ECCE Engaged Citizenship. The course includes a final written report of the research results and a professional presentation. Reports and presentations will be evaluated by the chemistry faculty as part of the annual departmental assessment of student learning. Contact a Chemistry faculty member to discuss possible projects or to get approval of a research opportunity outside the department.

Additional Engaged Citizenship credits can be earned in an internship. There are many local paid internships in the sciences. Contact the Internships and Prior Learning office for the current list of available internships at (217) 206-6640.


Chemistry and Biochemistry majors may elect to participate in the honors programs in Chemistry or Biochemistry, respectively. To graduate with honors, a student must:

  1. complete all degree requirements,
  2. earn a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 for all UIS Chemistry courses and 3.50 for UIS courses overall, and
  3. make a public presentation of the results of undergraduate research (CHE 400 or similar experiential learning project).

Students must apply for honors designation to the chair of the Chemistry Department prior to their final semester at UIS.