Full-Time Faculty

Dr. Harshavardhan Bapat

Chair and Associate Professor, Analytical Chemistry

Ph.D. University of Missouri, Analytical-Environmental Chemistry

Email: hbapa1@uis.edu
Phone:  (217) 206-7744
Office:  HSB 348

Dr. Miranda Andrews

Instructor, Inorganic and Photochemistry

Ph.D. Texas Tech University,  Inorganic Chemistry

Email:  mandr3@uis.edu
Phone:  (217) 206-8172
Office:  HSB 311

Dr. Stephen Johnson

Associate Professor, Biochemistry

Ph.D. Southern Illinois University School of  Medicine, Pharmacology

Email:  srj@uis.edu
Phone:  (217) 206-7336
Office:  HSB 311

Dr. Marc Klingshirn

Director of CAP Honors

Associate Professor, Inorganic Chemistry

Ph.D. University of Alabama

Email:  mklin2@uis.edu
Phone:  (217) 206-8341
Office:  HSB 347

Dr. Layne Morsch

Professor, Organic Chemistry

Ph. D. University of Illinois Chicago, Organic Chemistry

Email:  lmorsc1@uis.edu
Phone:  (217) 206-8487
Office:  HSB 313

Charles Burroughs

Teaching Lab Specialist

B.A. Oberlin College, Environmental Studies
Ph.D.  University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Plant Biology

Email:  cburrou2@uis.edu
Phone:  (217) 206-8579
Office:  HSB 305

Hillary Rikli

Laboratory Specialist, Chemistry and Physics

M.S. University of Illinois Springfield
B.S. University of Illinois Springfield

Email:  hrikl2@uis.edu
Phone:  (217) 206-8431
Office:  HSB 139


Astronomy-Physics is a program within the Chemistry Department.

List of Astronomy-Physics Faculty

Emeritus Faculty

Dr. Gary Trammell

Professor Emeritus, Organic Chemistry
Ph.D. Massachusetts Institute of Technology,
Organic Chemistry

Dr. William Bloemer

Professor Emeritus, Physical Chemistry
Ph.D. University of Kentucky

Email:  bbloe1@uis.edu
Phone:  (217) 206-7347
Office:  HSB 350