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Three Options for Searching

  1. Search by GENERAL AREA: The page you are on offers links to pages that list all the funds supporting any specific department, college, or program, with Donate buttons for you to use to make an online gift.
  2. Search by SPECIFIC FUND NAME: Use the link at the left to take you to a page that lists all the funds you can give to. This is a much longer list, and you will probably find it easier to search the page for a specific word such as “housing,” “garden,” “women,” or “faculty.”
  3. Search only SCHOLARSHIP FUND NAMES: The link at left will take you to a page that lists scholarship funds that you can give to in alphabetical order.

Of course, you can always call us at 217-206-6058 or email us at if you still can’t find the fund you’re looking for!


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