Empower Your Career in Environmental Health

Unlock new career possibilities with our Graduate Certificate in Environmental Health. This program is tailor-made for health professionals seeking to expand their knowledge and skills in the field of environmental health.

Who Can Benefit

This certificate is perfect for health professionals without formal public health training, individuals committed to lifelong learning, and mid-career professionals looking to enhance their expertise. You can enroll as a non-degree seeking student or alongside your other graduate studies.

What You'll Learn

By completing this certificate, you'll gain fundamental skills needed to understand environmental health's scope, values, goals, and potential. It's the ideal preparation for those planning to take the Licensed Environmental Health Practitioner exam.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of this program are well-prepared for roles such as:

  1. Environmental Health Specialist: Work in public health departments, ensuring communities are safe from environmental health hazards.
  2. Public Health Inspector: Conduct inspections and enforce regulations to safeguard public health.
  3. Industrial Hygienist: Assess workplace environments to prevent occupational health hazards.
  4. Research Analyst: Conduct studies and research to inform environmental health policies.

Ready to Make a Difference

If you're passionate about protecting communities from environmental health risks or have questions about this program, reach out to us. We're here to help you thrive in this critical field.

Enhance your career and make a meaningful impact in environmental health. Join the Environmental Health Graduate Certificate program at UIS, where you'll acquire the skills and knowledge needed to safeguard communities and advance your career. Your expertise is in high demand!

Notable Point: Please note that if you're already enrolled in the MPH-General or MPH-EH programs, this certificate is not available to you. However, you have the option to pursue a graduate public health degree with an environmental health focus through the MPH-EH program.

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