Discover the answers to commonly asked questions about the Orion Lab:

Who Can Utilize the Lab?

The Orion Lab is open to everyone in the UIS and local community. During the Spring and Fall Semesters, our doors are open every Friday from 5:00pm until 8:00pm, unless otherwise noted. We welcome individuals from all backgrounds and disciplines to come and explore the possibilities. 

How Much Does Access Cost?

Access to the Orion Lab, its equipment, and hardware is completely free for all potential users. Our mission is to eliminate barriers to success and provide equal opportunities for innovation and learning. 

Where Is The Orion Lab Located?

You can find us on the lower level of the Health and Science Building (HSB), room number 101. Come and immerse yourself in a vibrant environment of creativity and discovery. 

Who Can I Contact for More Information?

For any further inquiries or information, please reach out to the Lab Director via email at

If Everything Is Free, Who Is Actually Paying For It?

At the Orion Lab, our resources have been acquired through various means. The Computer Science Department has played a significant role in obtaining the necessary equipment. Additionally, generous donations from Faculty, Staff, Students, and members of the general public have also contributed to the lab's growth and success. 

Can I Donate To The Lab?

Absolutely! We greatly appreciate and welcome donations. If you wish to support the Orion Lab, we encourage you to make your donations through the Division of Advancement at UIS.