Unveiling the Innovation Showcase: Inspiring Projects from the Orion Lab 

The Orion Lab is a hub of innovation and research, with numerous projects that showcase the breadth and depth of exploration taking place within its walls. While many of these projects cannot be publicly disclosed until their research is published, we are proud to share a glimpse of the diverse range of endeavors happening at the lab. Some of the exciting projects include: 

  • Hydroponics Tower
  • Game Arcade Cabinet
  • GPU Array
  • Cyber Security Lab
  • Jet Airplane Design
  • Video Game Design
  • Artificial Intelligence Programs
  • Distributed Computing Programs
  • And much more…
Research Projects
Title Research Abstract Lead Researcher(s) Assistant Researcher(s) Department(s) Keywords
High-Performance Computing Array

Building a high-performance computer (HPC) involves carefully designing, assembling, and…

  • Joshua Smith
  • Brian Rogers
  • Mihir Thosar
  • Tayson Neely
Computer Science, Orion Lab