State of Illinois Deceased, Disabled, and MIA/POW Veterans' Dependents Scholarship

How to apply:

The State of Illinois provides an education scholarship for the dependents of veterans who are either Missing In Action, a Prisoner of War, died while on active duty, 100% disabled due to service connected disabilities or died as a result of a service connected disabilities.

Are you eligible?

An applicant must be the spouse, natural child, stepchild under the age of 18 at the time of marriage, adopted child under the age of 18 at the time of adoption, or minor child younger than 18 who is under a court-ordered guardianship for at least 2 continuous years prior to application, of the veteran to qualify. The veteran must have been an Illinois resident at the time of entering active military service, an Illinois resident within six months after entering active military service, or a resident of Illinois for at least 15 consecutive years after entering active duty as of the date of application.

How long are you eligible?

An eligible dependent is entitled to full payment of tuition and mandatory fees to any Illinois state supported college or university for a period equivalent to 4 years of enrollment, including summer terms. 

How are recipients selected?

The Illinois Department of Veterans' Affairs will determine your qualification for the MIA/POW scholarship. The application process for the Deceased, Disabled, and MIA/POW Scholarship is online and may be accessed at

How and when are funds paid out?

State of IL MIA/POW recipients do not receive a cash award. Your tuition and mandatory fees will be paid by the State of Illinois. It is beneficial that you apply prior to the start of the semester. Also, you must complete and submit a Request for Benefits Form to the Office of Financial Assistance for each semester you are enrolled and requesting to use the benefit.

Additional Information:

The state of IL MIA/POW scholarship may be used in conjunction with federal VA Ch.35 benefits, if applicable.

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