The Campus Construction Unit is responsible for the management of small and large capital projects, repairs and renovations, grounds and utility infrastructure. We are committed to safe and progressive facilities conducive to uninterrupted learning, living, and working. Should you have any questions or concerns pertaining to projects, please contact the Facilities & Services office at (217) 206-6530 or via email to

Capital Project Forms

Use the forms below to request a capital project or to submit a change order to an existing capital project.
Capital projects involve construction or renovation of building structures, systems, or infrastructures. If you are unsure if the work you need qualifies as a capital project, contact us and we will guide you through the best process to address your need.

Small projects, maintenance or repair requests, or cost estimate requests should be submitted as a work order/service request. However, do not hesitate to contact us for guidance or with questions.

Request a Capital Project

Submit a Capital Project Change Order

Design Narratives

Standard Specifications

Policy on Temporary Structures

AFMFA Projects

The Academic Facility Maintenance Fund Assessment (AFMFA) is an ongoing fee assessed each semester to students to help fund various deferred maintenance projects. These funds are used to address campus infrastructure deficiencies as well as benefit large numbers of students via heavily utilized classrooms, spaces, and buildings. Several of the Spotlight Projects are executed annually utilizing this specific fund source.

Construction Unit Services

The UIS construction unit provides a wide range of services to the University in coordination with the overall Facilities and Services team. The services we provide include but are not limited to:

Overall Project Management

Construction and Renovation Estimating

  • In-house estimating provided by construction professionals, in-house trades laborers with multiple years of construction experience
  • Complicated projects or specific end requirements may require contractor quotes to be obtained for accuracy

Task Order Contracting (MATOC)

  • Familiar and competent contractors selected on an annual basis to hold standing purchase orders for quick execution of minor projects, repairs, maintenance, and services. Projects will fall under the capitol construction thresholds when utilizing this contracting mechanism

Outside Contractor Service Selection, Procurement, and Management

  • Expedited procurement rules allowed by the Illinois Procurement Code under specific budget thresholds, most requiring competitive solicitation using fair and equitable practices

Master Planning

  • Every several years, UIS updates their master plan to incorporate the faculty, staff, student, and University leadership’s vision of needs for growth, change, and effectiveness for use of capital project funding
  • If a department of group on campus requires a short, medium, and long range plan for facilities or infrastructure, we can help ensure the planning is not counterproductive to the University as a whole

Minor Engineering Design

  • Internal Licensed Professional Engineering design capabilities include, mechanical, civil, and construction engineering on a limited basis

Minor Architectural Services and Finish Selection

  • Trained and experienced Architectural professionals can provide guidance on foot traffic management, finish level selection, space layout, and construction detail creation on a limited basis

ESCO’s and Energy Performance Contracting

  • An ESCO is an accredited Energy Service Company that provides all of the services required to design and implement a comprehensive project at the customer facility, from the initial energy audit through the long-term guarantee of project savings with an Energy Performance Contract (EPC). The EPC provides customers with a comprehensive set of energy efficiency, renewable energy, and distributed generation measures and is accompanied with guarantees that the energy and operational savings produced by the project will be sufficient to cover the full cost of the project.

Scope of Work Development

  • If a department, group, or individual requires assistance in creating a Scope of Work to reach a desired construction end state, we can assist in verbalizing the vision and establishing budget expectations to execute the intended project

Professional Services Solicitation, Procurement, and Management

  • The construction services department maintains multiple professional service retainers to assist the University with Architectural Design, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Civil, and Structural Engineering Services
  • For large capital projects requiring formal bid, the construction department will solicit and award professional services as required using a Qualification Based Selection process

Code Review and Compliance

  • Departments, groups, or individuals requiring or questioning current local, state, and federal code requirements can get their questions answered as well as attain guidance to correct deficiencies

Contractor & A/E Resources


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