Vehicles are available for use by UIS employees for official campus business on a first-come-first-serve basis. The UIS motor pool functions similarly to a car pool or rental car agency servicing business entities. If you or your team have any questions regarding who is eligible to use the motor pool service, do not hesitate to call or email our office during normal business hours for a prompt response. Contact the motor pool office as early as possible regarding the availability of vehicles for specific dates and times and number of passengers expected is always helpful.

General Information

a map displaying that the motor pool office is on the west side of the Business Services Building, Car Pickup is North of the Business Services Building, and Car drop off is in lot B.


  • Business Services Building, Room #5
  • 217-206-6531


  • 8am to 12pm Weekdays
  • 1 pm to 4 pm Weekdays
  • Closed Weekends

Motor Pool Current Costs

  • 40 cents per mile for fleet cars
  • 50 cents per mile for all vans

Vehicle Request

The Springfield Car Release Order Form (with appropriate authorization by the fiscal officer) and a copy of your current driver’s license must be provided prior to the time of departure.  Any alternate drivers should fill out the Alternate Driver Car Release Order Form. This information should be sent by campus mail or hand-delivered to the motor pool office prior to the use of the vehicle.

Departure Time – At the time of departure, pick up the keys, vehicle trip ticket, gasoline credit card, and the vehicle from the motor pool office. Inspect the vehicle for any physical damage. Check that there is enough gas in the tank before departing. Obtaining gas from the pumps at the motor pool is preferred. Outside gas purchases are more costly to UIS. Please confer with the motor pool staff for vehicle fill-up.

Returning a Vehicle – After returning from the trip, bring the vehicle to the motor pool lot promptly because others may be waiting for it. Complete the trip ticket (with beginning and ending mileage), lock the vehicle, turn in keys and gasoline purchase receipts to the motor pool office. If the vehicle is returned after working hours, deposit the keys and other materials in the “after hours” drop box in Parking Lot B.

Refueling – Refueling of the fleet vehicles will be discussed at time of pickup pending your trip requirements. For further inquiries, please contact our office.

Check Availability

UIS vehicles are available for use by campus employees for official campus business. Vehicles are available on a first-come-first-serve basis. Check with the motor pool office regarding availability on the date and time desired. Vehicles should be reserved in advance. At the present time, considerable use of campus vehicles is made in connection with UIS’ off-campus instructional activities in Peoria and Decatur.

Accordingly, competition for the use of the vehicles is relatively great. Persons requiring the use of vehicles are therefore encouraged to reserve vehicles well in advance of the anticipated usage date. If all campus vehicles are scheduled for use the day and/or time of a request, the driver (requester) can call a local rental car agency to rent a vehicle. The driver should check with his/her department to determine the procedure for vehicle rental reimbursement.

Rules of the Road

In order to operate a university vehicle, one must be a UIS employee and must possess a valid driver’s license which authorizes him/her to drive motor vehicles in the state of Illinois. All university vehicles are to be used for official use only; and drivers are expected to operate them in an appropriate manner, to comply with all university policies relevant to their use, and to obey all state and local traffic and parking regulations. University specific policies can be accessed in Business and Financial Policies and Procedures – Rent a University Motor Vehicle.

Services Policies and Procedures

If a UIS employee encounters a traffic violation or parking tickets while using a university-owned vehicle, the person who was driving the vehicle is responsible for the payment of the fine.

If there have been any accidents or mechanical problems; give the motor pool office a detailed report. Supporting documentation and pictures are always helpful.

Following the vehicle usage, a “chargeback” will be made to the contractual account of the using unit/program. Presently, a chargeback of 40 cents per mile is required for fleet cars and 50 cents per mile for vans. At the end of each month, a voucher will be prepared and sent to the accounting office charging the contractual budget of the account named in the vehicle request form.