The Award Letter Information Request page allows you to report other financial aid awards that are not currently listed on your Award Letter as well as to request financial aid processing changes. Please be brief, but thorough, in providing additional information. This feature should be used throughout the year to report additional financial aid awards or to request financial aid processing changes. If you enter anything in the boxes on this page, the processing of your Award Letter will stop in order for the Office of Financial Assistance to review and process your additional information.

If you do not have anything to report/request, click the “Continue” button on the Award Letter Information Request screen. The Award Letter Accept/Decline Awards page is used to accept/decline awards in offered status. You must accept/decline all awards in offered status and may use the “Partial Accept” field to request a lower award amount. Guidance is provided at the top of the page regarding which awards may/may not be re-offered to you later in the award year. You should also read and accept the Financial Aid Terms and Conditions before selecting “Submit Decision”. Once submitted, you will be provided an updated list of any additional steps that must be taken to receive the awards that you have accepted. Internet links are provided to direct you to other Web sites to complete these steps.

If you have completed the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and do not receive an Award Letter or request for additional information/documents from the Office of Financial Assistance by mid-May, please check the Financial Aid section of the Student Self-Service, or contact us.