Program-level assessment is a vital mechanism for ensuring academic quality and, accordingly, Assessment of Learning Outcomes is already a required section of the current Academic Program Review Guidelines. Given this intrinsic connection, we believe that the quality and effectiveness of a department’s assessment activities is best evaluated in the context of academic program review conducted by Undergraduate and Graduate Councils. Thus, formal assessment reporting will now be linked to the program review schedule, so that academic departments receive program-specific feedback and assistance in time to strengthen program assessment procedures before preparing their formal academic program review documents.

Academic programs are now required to submit an Assessment Status Report to CASL in Year Three of the regular eight-year program review cycle. The Report will be due no later than May 15th of that academic year. In Year Four of the academic program review cycle, CASL will review the report and provide formative written feedback and assistance to the program. Departments will be required to include CASL’s feedback in their academic program review documentation.

This reporting requirement will be considered the minimum expectation. As part of the program review process, the Councils (Undergraduate and Graduate, as appropriate) may recommend, and the Provost require, that academic departments whose assessment process is identified as needing further developmental work submit additional follow-up reports on progress to CASL. Thus, the Year 3 Assessment Status Report will be considered the minimum reporting requirement within the program review cycle.

See the CASL review schedule above to learn when your department will need to submit an Assessment Status Report to CASL. Please contact the chair of the committee should you have any questions, or to request a consultation.