Elevate Your Career with Business Analytics Expertise

Envision a future where you decode the language of data, harness its power, and transform it into strategic insights. Our B.S. in Management Information Systems with an Applied Business Analytics Concentration is your gateway to this dynamic world. Dive into the heart of data-driven decision-making and empower organizations with your analytics acumen.

Specialized Expertise

This program hones your skills in applied business analytics—a coveted competency across public, for-profit, and non-profit sectors. You'll build upon the strong foundation of UIS's undergraduate education and core courses. The outcome? Proficiency that sets you apart as a business analyst and equips you to excel in diverse business arenas.

Key Objectives

Our program is designed to empower you with the knowledge and tools needed to excel in the world of business analytics. You will:

  1. Master Analytics Fundamentals: Explore the history, evolution, and core concepts of business analytics.
  2. Leverage Advanced Tools: Apply data visualization, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to solve complex business challenges.
  3. Data Mining Proficiency: Become skilled in data mining techniques and learn where to find quality data resources for meaningful analysis.
  4. Hands-on Experience: Gain practical experience in the entire business analytics process—from identifying problems and collecting data to exploration, analysis, and result interpretation.

Unleash Your Potential

As a graduate of our program, you'll be equipped for a multitude of roles, including:

  • Business Analyst: Translate data into actionable insights for strategic decision-making.
  • Data Analyst: Uncover patterns, trends, and opportunities hidden within data.
  • Machine Learning Specialist: Apply AI and machine learning to automate processes and enhance decision support.
  • Business Intelligence Manager: Lead data-driven initiatives to improve organizational performance.
  • Analytics Consultant: Provide expertise to diverse clients seeking data-driven solutions.
  • Risk Analyst: Assess and mitigate potential risks using data-driven strategies.
  • Financial Analyst: Analyze financial data to inform investment decisions.
  • Marketing Analyst: Drive marketing strategies through data-driven insights.
  • Supply Chain Analyst: Optimize supply chain operations with analytics.
  • Healthcare Data Analyst: Improve healthcare outcomes using data analysis.
  • E-commerce Analyst: Enhance online retail strategies through data insights.
  • Energy Analyst: Analyze energy consumption patterns for sustainability.
  • Human Resources Analyst: Optimize HR strategies using data-driven insights.
  • Real Estate Analyst: Evaluate property market trends and investment opportunities.
  • Government Policy Analyst: Inform public policy decisions with data analysis.
  • Environmental Analyst: Analyze environmental data to support sustainability efforts.
  • Quality Assurance Analyst: Ensure product quality through data-driven assessments.
  • Customer Insights Analyst: Enhance customer experiences through data analysis.
  • Legal Data Analyst: Support legal cases with data-driven evidence.
  • Educational Data Analyst: Improve education outcomes with data analysis.

Chart Your Analytics Journey

Join us at UIS to cultivate your expertise in applied business analytics. Unlock the potential of data to drive success and embark on a rewarding career in one of these diverse fields. Your journey to shaping a data-powered future begins here.

Please see the current catalog for more detailed information on the BS in Applied Business Analytics program.

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