When you choose the World History Concentration as part of your Bachelor of Arts in History, you're not just earning a degree. You're gaining a respected credential that showcases your in-depth understanding of the histories of various regions around the world. This concentration is designed to let you tailor your studies to your interests, supported by the University of Illinois Springfield's History Department, which boasts the widest range of global expertise. You'll have the chance to dive into the histories of Modern Europe, the Middle East, the Medieval and Ancient Worlds, the Near East, East Asia, and explore a variety of transnational and comparative themes. This program not only prepares you for your future career by enhancing your problem-solving skills but also enhances your global and intercultural fluency.

Additionally, you have the opportunity to enrich your expertise through study away programs, internships, or foreign language training, all of which can contribute to your credit.

To encourage you to engage in experiential learning and expand your linguistic capabilities, you will take part in one of the following experiences:

  • Participating in a credit-bearing study away program,
  • Completing an approved internship or prior-learning experience with a global focus,
  • Achieving competency in a foreign language beyond your native tongue(s), demonstrated through four semesters of university-level coursework or a placement exam's results.

The department is open to considering course petitions from other universities or departments when appropriate. You might need to submit a syllabus or additional materials for such requests. This flexibility ensures that your educational journey is as comprehensive and personalized as possible.

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