Grant Proposal: SFS: Capacity Building: Collaborative Project: Toward a Standardized Cyber Security Curriculum Structure, 2014

Co-PI: Dr. Lucas Vespa

Status: Under Revisions

Amount: If awarded (Approx. $300,000)

Awarding Institution: NSF

Description: A collaborative NSF proposal with SIUC and Depauw University. The proposal plans to meet the requirements of cyber security curriculum through a collaborative effort between departments in three diverse institutions; The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Southern Illinois University Carbondale, The Department of Computer Science at DePauw University and The Department of Computer Science at The University of Illinois Springfield.

Grant Proposal: Expanding Deep Packet Inspection Research and Education for Improved Network Security, 2013

PI: Dr. Lucas Vespa

Status: Awarded

Amount: $2000

Awarding Institution: University of Illinois Springfield

Description: Encourage focused DPI development by experienced researchers. Encourage young researchers to contribute new solutions. Integrate DPI effectively into computer security curriculum.

Grant Proposal: GPU-based Research and Teaching Hardware Request, 2013

PI: Dr. Lucas Vespa

Status: Awarded

Amount: Approximate Value ($20,000)

Awarding Institution: NVidia

Description: This proposal has been awarded based on work in the area of High Performance Computing of Security Applications. The award is two NVidia Tesla K40 GPUs which are used in research related to security and high performance computing.

Grant Proposal: Making Computer Applications Run Really Fast, 2013

PI: Dr. Lucas Vespa

Status: Awarded

Amount: $5000

Awarding Institution: University of Illinois Springfield

Description: The performance of security applications is directly related to the success of security software. Standard processors are not keeping up with computer applications. This proposal funds work in the area of High-Performance Computing, much of it focused on accelerating security applications such as Deep Packet Inspection.

Equipment Donation, 2013

PI: Dr. R. Loui,

Awarding Institution: Global Velocity Inc.

Amount: two FPGA Data Loss Prevention Devices, est. $250,000 value

Description: Global Velocity St. Louis donated two FPGA (reprogrammable hardware) DLP (data loss prevention devices) for two years to help our investigations. These are related to the hardware that was designed on an SAIC project with input from AFOSR and NSA. They can be repurposed as deep packet inspection and deep packet rewriting boxes. We submitted an NSF MRI proposal to upgrade them and get much needed technical support. Professor Loui worked with John Lockwood (Algol Logic/Stanford) at Wash U to develop these technologies. They include regexp-based pattern matching, and more advanced AI capabilities.