Center faculty are internationally known for their work in computer security. Their research has been funded by the National Science Foundation

Dr. Sviatoslav Braynov, Chair of the Computer Science Department

Information warfare, adversarial planning and plan recognition, intrusion detection, malicious agents, algorithm manipulation

Dr. Kamyar Dezhgosha  

High-speed networking, web-based application development, image compression, and performance evaluation in network-based parallel computing

Dr. Sahar Farshadkhah  

Cybersecurity, behavioral information security

Frank Fuchs  

Crime scene and evidence recovery specialist

Dr. Ping Guo

Scientific and high-performance computing, parallel and distributed systems,machine learning, cloud computing, big data, and wireless networking

Dr. Yanhui Guo

Image Processing, Medical Image Processing, Pattern Recogntion, Computer Vision, Data Science

Dr. Xiang Huang

Algorithmic information theory, analog computing, quantum computing, and molecular programming

Dr. Hasan Kartal

Data privacy (privacy-preserving data publishing, valuation of personal data, and economics of privacy), and data science (machine learning, big data, and artificial intelligence)

Dr. Chung-wei Lee

Computer and network security, wireless networking, and mobile computing

Joshua Smith

Robotics, AI, Machine Learning

Dr. Lucas Vespa

Intrusion dtetection

Dr. Roger West

Biometric authentication

Dr. Yingyuan Yang

Implicit authentication, Mobile computing, and Malicious Application Detection