The Center is a member of the Center for Systems Security and Information Assurance (CSSIA) project which established the first comprehensive Information Technology Security and Data Assurance Center in the Midwest. This center collects, categorizes, adapts, enhances, standardizes and evaluates curriculum and offers training programs to community college and university faculty, secondary school faculty and students across the region.

The National Cyber League Competition Record

The NCL competition 2020, ranked 23rd out of 925 teams with 93.53% accuracy, team members: Kenneth Stroup, Michael Weinberg, Connor Alisson, John Scully, Nicholas Ferraz de Oliveira, Brandon Brant, and Nolan Bogumill.

The NCL competition (2019 Gold Level), ranked 50th out of 625 teams (top 8% nationally). Earned NCL Highest Distinction: 'Team of National Excellence' (teams in the top 10% nationally earn this distinction). Team members: Christopher Cook, Breanna Goodman, Pat Lenihan, Joe Ramstrom, Brian Rodgers, and Andrew Vogel.

The NCL competition (2019 Silver Level), ranked 297th out of 625 teams (top 47% nationally). Team members: Ryan Hinds, Naga Madduri, Brian Mullen, Peter Schmidt, and Ammar Syed.

The NCL competition (2019 Bronze Level), ranked 398th out of 625 teams. Team members: Melanie Clark, Esha Farooqui, Ty Kesselring, Abdul Wasey Mohammed, and Tom Rivera.

The NCL competition 2017, we placed 6th overall and 5th in the Gold bracket (the highest bracket) (out of 138 participating teams). Scoring 3580 points out of 4550 with an accuracy of 84%. Team Members: Austin Bransky, Elmer Rogers, Paul Sanchez, Peter Schmidt, Bhavyanshu Parasher, Dishant Malik, and Justin Sprinkel.

2 + 2 Program Agreements

The Computer Science Department has entered into 2+2 agreements with the following community colleges: