IA Courses

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  • CSC 368 Systems Programming Languages
  • CSC 431 Security and Ethics
  • CSC 433 Intrusion Detection
  • CSC 436 Secure Programming
  • CSC 470 Network Security Fundamentals
  • CSC 470C Secure Network Administration
  • CSC 471 Computer Ethics for Computing Professionals
  • CSC 438 Systems Security and Information Assurance Capstone
  • CSC 563 Computer Cryptography and Digital Steganography
  • CSC 564 Security in Computing

Admission Requirements

Our program offers a bachelor of science (scientiae baccalaureus, S.B. or B.S.) in the field of Information Systems Security. The degree is designed to provide students with a strong foundation in computer science and related disciplines. The degree also provides students with experience in mastering problem-solving skills relevant to the business, scientific, and public sectors.

Graduates of the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree program have been successful in earning advanced degrees and in pursuing careers in research and application-oriented positions in business, industry, government, and education. The diversity of course offerings and rigorous degree requirements ensure that B.S. in Computer Science graduates acquire the knowledge necessary to support their career goals.

In the Bachelor of Science in Information Systems Security, students will learn the fundamentals of information security including design and implementation of secure systems, security assessment, and computer security ethics. Students will utilize a variety of cutting edge technologies and labs in many hands-on learning activities. Following completion of the B.S. in Information Systems Security degree students will 1.) exhibit understanding of the crucial concepts of information systems security; 2.) demonstrate and communicate best security practices and ethics; and 3.) be able to design and implement secure systems. The B.S. in ISS will be offered in both on-ground and online formats.

Graduates of the B.S. in Information Systems Security program will have the necessary skill set to enter into security-centric careers in network and computer administration, system analysis, computer support, and the like. In addition, students will be equipped to enter into related graduate level programs in Computer Science.

Students have access to an outstanding variety of computing systems including a Sun fileserver, additional UNIX-based computers, a parallel processing cluster, microcomputers, and a hands-on network configuration laboratory. UIS has received national recognition as a partner in the NSF Center for Systems Security and Information Assurance (CSSIA) www.cssia.org.

The Computer Science Department's curriculum is certified by the Committee of National Security Systems and the National Security Agency. The Computer Science Department has been designated as a National Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education. The National Security Agency (NSA) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) jointly sponsor the National Centers of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education (CAEIAE) Program.

Computer laboratories are open evenings and weekends; some systems are available 24 hours a day. On-campus students have high-speed, wired and wireless internet access.

Scholarships & Grants

Federal Cyber Service Scholarship for Service Program (SFS)