How do I report a crime on campus?

You can report a crime or other emergencies by:

  • Calling the campus police department:
  • Contacting a campus police officer on patrol.
  • Going to the campus police department, located on the north side of the main campus, between parking lot C and the pond.
  • Using any of the Code Blue emergency phones, located along sidewalks and in the parking lots throughout campus. These phones provide a direct line to the campus police department.
  • By calling the Crimestoppers program at (217) 788-8427, to report information about a crime anonymously.
  • By dialing 7-911, from campus office phones, or 911 from off-campus phones.

What happens after a crime or emergency has been reported?

A campus police officer will respond in a timely manner to all calls. Police officers may respond on foot, on bicycle, or in a marked police vehicle. They conduct preliminary investigations and prepare reports on crimes and offenses that occur on UIS owned land, in UIS owned buildings, or on UIS roads and parking areas.

When local law-enforcement agencies request assistance, campus police officers also work on crimes committed in the jurisdiction of those agencies.

How does the UIS Police encourage people to report crime?

The campus police make reporting a crime convenient and efficient in several ways:

  • The campus police department’s telephone number is printed on crime-prevention publications and on stickers affixed to many campus phones.
  • Crime-prevention programs presented by campus police inform participants how to call the police and encourage them to do so.

Persons who wish to provide information about a crime anonymously can use the Crimestoppers program.

How do I report a Jeanne Clery Act crime?

To report Clery Act crime review Campus Security Authorities (CSA) Reporting and click on the appropriate form at the bottom of the page.