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Academic Colleges, Programs, and Instruction

Minors Headcount

Historical Headcount by College, Major, and Level:  Fall 2013 - Fall 2022

Undergraduate Headcount:  Primary and Secondary Majors

Student Profiles, by College

Fall 2023 (not yet available)Spring 2023Summer 2023 (not yet available)
Fall 2022Spring 2022Summer 2022
Fall 2021Spring 2021Summer 2021
Fall 2020Spring 2020Summer 2020
Fall 2019Spring 2019Summer 2019
Fall 2018Spring 2018Summer 2018

Undergraduate Students:  Demographics, by Major

AccountancyEnvironmental StudiesPhilosophy
BiochemistryExercise SciencePolitical Science
BiologyGlobal StudiesPsychology
Business AdministrationHistoryPublic and Nonprofit Administration
ChemistryInformation Systems SecurityPublic Policy
CommunicationLegal StudiesSecondary History Education
Computer ScienceLiberal StudiesSocial Work
Criminology and Criminal JusticeManagement Information SystemsTheatre
EconomicsMathematical SciencesVisual Arts
Elementary EducationMedical Laboratory Science 
EnglishMiddle Grades Education 

Graduate Students:  Demographics, by Major

AccountancyEducational LeadershipLegal Studies
Athletic TrainingEnglishLiberal and Integrative Studies
BiologyEnvironmental SciencesManagement Information Systems
Business Administration (MBA)FinancePolitical Science
CommunicationHealthcare InformaticsPublic Administration
Computer ScienceHistoryPublic Affairs Reporting
Cybersecurity ManagementHuman Development CounselingPublic Health - Environmental Health
Data AnalyticsHuman ServicesPublic Health
EducationHuman Resource ManagementPublic Policy

Term Headcount & Credit Hour Reports


Cost Study/Credit Hour Information

Cost by Program Major

Undergraduate Program Major Cost Per Credit Hour (Total, All Costs)

Undergraduate Program Major Cost Per Credit Hours (Total, Less Physical Plant)

Graduate Program Major Cost Per Credit Hours (Total, All Costs)

Graduate Level Program Major Cost Per Credit Hour (Total, Less Physical Plant)

Cost by Discipline

Undergraduate Level Discipline Cost Per Credit Hour (Total, Less Physical Plant)

Graduate Level Discipline Cost Per Credit Hour (Total, Less Physical Plant)

Credit Hours Generated

Credit Hours Generated by Controlling Department and College:  All Students

Credit Hours Generated in Prefix Courses:  All Students

Percentage of Credit Hours Generated by Non-Department Majors (i.e., service)

Headcount & Credit Hours, by Level, Time-Status, and Online Status:  Fall 2016 – Fall 2021

Retention, Degree Completion, & Alumni Outcomes