Sangamon Experience presents the history of the Sangamon Region through an on-campus exhibition space, online projects, and community collaborations.

Discovering our local history can be an enlightening and enriching experience. At Sangamon Experience, we believe that sharing diverse perspectives and stories is key to building a stronger community. We are dedicated to creating a space that not only showcases the past but also inspires future generations of public historians.

We are always looking for ways to collaborate with local historical and cultural organizations to bring new voices and fresh ideas to our programs and exhibits. Together, let us uncover the rich tapestry of our community's history.

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Performing Arts Center, One University Dr., Springfield Illinois, 1st Floor


9am- 5pm

Current Projects


Sangamon Experience

Our Lives, Our Stories

We want many voices involved in telling the story of Sangamon County. Your voice, and your video, can help tell the story of our area of Illinois.

Sangamon Experience

COVID-19 Project

The Sangamon Experience is seeking to record and preserve the personal responses of University of Illinois at Springfield students, faculty, and staff during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our Mission

Sangamon Experience provides a broad perspective of the history of the Sangamon region through the presentation of a wide variety of exhibitions and activities developed for and from multiple communities. Activities will include projects developed from oral histories, archives, images and other resources to encourage participants to effectively create their own sense of local history.

Sangamon Experience also provides a comprehensive online platform for the presentation of materials; engage local organizations as partners in the effort to seek out and present materials for exhibition and information; and coordinate a combined calendar of events for activities of local interest.

Current Exhibit

The Struggle for Change

Find out more about our exhibition space located in the UIS Public Affairs Center.

The Sangamon
Experience Team

The Faculty Lead, Students, and the members of the Community Advisory Board that compose the Sangamon Experience Team

Department Events

Echoes of Change: Central Illinois Journalism and Social Justice in the 1980s
Echoes of Change: Central Illinois Journalism and Social Justice in the 1980s Register for Echoes of Change! Echoes of Change:…
Apr 06, 2020
Anne Moseley has been selected to lead the University of Illinois Springfield’s new Sangamon Experience historic exhibition and Center for Lincoln Studies…