Current Exhibit

The Struggle for Change

Step into the past, be inspired and join the path toward a more just and equitable future.

This exhibit is part of a critical process toward creating new narratives and symbols of central Illinois that represent our collective vision and honor the underrepresented histories of the people, places, movements, and events that have made up the past 200 years as we look to the future.

It is a reminder that the pursuit of change often comes at a high cost, but it is through these very struggles that societies evolve and progress.

Exhibit Space

The heart of Sangamon Experience is a 5,300-square-foot exhibition and interpretive space located in the Public Affairs Center, between the bookstore and the new Center for Lincoln Studies. Designed by FWAI Architects, Inc. of Springfield, the space opened on January 30, 2020. Still under development, features will include multimedia and interactive exhibits, historical maps and photographs, a small theater, and interpretive text developed by teams of UIS students, faculty, and area community partners.  The exhibit space is open during PAC building hours. Contact us for directions or with inquiries about tours.