Board Members

  • Justin Blandford
  • Amanda Bryden
  • Nancy Chapin
  • Sarah Chapin
  • Vincent “June” Chappelle
  • Corinne Claycomb
  • David Finnigan
  • Jacob Friefeld
  • Kathryn Harris
  • Chuck Hill
  • Mike Kienzler
  • Curtis Mann
  • Tara McClellan McAndrew
  • Brooke Morgan
  • Kara Pecoraro
  • Debbie Ringer

About the Board

The Council serves to provide feedback and suggest directions to UIS in the creation and sustaining of Sangamon Experience. They meet quarterly and as needed. If you or someone you know is interested in joining the Advisory Council, contact us:

Sangamon Experience oversight is provided by the UIS Office of Academic Affairs.