The Mathematical Sciences department teaches diverse quantitative skills through its junior/senior level program of 61 semester hours, or through the math minor.

The Mathematical Sciences program is designed to meet the ever-increasing demands for diverse quantitative skills, and offers the following opportunities of study:

Students in the UIS Mathematical Sciences Program are part of a community. They connect with each other and with the faculty and staff through online communication, phone, or face to face.

Points of Pride

The UIS Mathematical Sciences Program proudly boasts:

Great Learning Opportunities

  • Small classes that allow students to receive more attention from instructors and get to know their classmates in a more intimate learning environment
  • Opportunities to learn online and on campus
  • University of Illinois degree
  • Encouragement for students to participate in larger academic communities and conferences
  • Opportunity to launch a math degree into any number of career fields
  • Participation of Colloquium given by eminent scholars and industry leaders

Great People

  • A team of fantastic Faculty who are well-distinguished in their respective fields
  • Professors who interact with students on a first-name basis
  • A warm and welcoming campus with a student-focused attitude
  • A superb tradition of advisement to assist online students
  • A growing number of Online Math majors from all over the United States and several other countries
  • Great track record of alumni successfully finding jobs

Learning Outcomes

  • Apply algorithms, check the reasonableness of solutions, and communicate coherently the reasoning and results involved
  • Formulate mathematical models, or apply mathematical theorems, check the reasonableness of solutions, and communicate coherently the reasoning and results involved
  • Apply mathematical reasoning to solve problems, test conjectures and examine the validity of the arguments involved
  • Able to represent and describe random phenomena through mathematical models and make statistical decisions

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