UIS Calendars

The 2022 Calendars have arrived!

Place Your Order

You have two options to order your UIS Calendar:

  1. Online Form
  2. PDF Form
    [For the PDF order form, print your order form and send it to Campus Services Calendars BSB 145 or fax to 206-6376.]

Payment Details

  • Choose from four customized designs for $1.75 each. All calendars are 12″ x 18″.
  • We accept cash, check (payable to UIS), or departmental C-F-O-P as payment.
  • Payments for cash and check must be dropped off at BSB 145. Our Mail Services staff cannot accept payments.

Calendar Options

Choose a calendar option to see larger versions of the calendars below.

Vertical Calendar Options

2022 Sunset Stars Calendar
2022 Campus Photo Calendar

Horizontal Calendar Options

2022 Brave Enough Calendar
2022 Rise Colonnade Calendar


For your day-to-day copying needs….convenience copiers are strategically located throughout campus

Departmental Users

Copier access is granted to UIS departmental users via user code or departmental copy card.

To obtain a user code, email the completed Convenience Copiers User Code Request to printing@uis.edu.

To request a departmental copy card, the designated fiscal officer must request, in writing, a card to be issued for a specific account. This request should be forwarded to the ID Center (PAC 124) at uiscopycards@uis.edu.

The departmental account is charged at the end of each month for the number of copies made by utilizing the assigned user code or copy card.

Student/Patron Users

Your student i-card campus cash will allow access to most of the copiers on campus. In addition, there is a coin operated copier located at Brookens Library (BRK), Level 3 Lobby.