The purpose of the Graduate Certificate in Applied Finance is to provide financial service professionals or graduate students aspiring to pursue careers in financial institutions and/or financial management units within for-profit or non-profit organizations, mainly in the Central Illinois area, with knowledge of the managerial aspects of institutional/personal finance.  The graduate-level analytical skills of financial planning, budgeting and risk management are the core areas of knowledge to be covered. For degree requirements, course descriptions, and other info check out the Applied Finance Graduate Certificate.

The certificate will focus on the delivery of courses in the area of financial management that will help students develop their knowledge and skills in the following areas:

  1. Knowledge on the history, evolution and the basic concepts central to the financial service industry, financial market environment, and professional ethics.
  2. Knowledge of regulatory issues in the financial environment.
  3. Knowledge of the design and decision-making of financial operations, capital budgeting and planning, and risk management.