Visual Arts

Visual Arts majors study the arts in a context that emphasizes the acquisition of skills in various studio disciplines as well as the understanding of historical and philosophical concepts in art.

As an extension of classroom teaching, the department sponsors exhibitions of both regionally and nationally recognized artists in the Visual Arts Gallery located in the Health and Sciences Building. Students attend openings and concurrent lectures to gain exposure to the work and access to the technical expertise of professional artists. Graduating students present their work at the Senior Exhibition held every spring at the Visual Arts Gallery and the Access Gallery.

In Visual Arts courses, faculty and students work together in a professional and creative learning environment. The Bachelor of Arts curriculum allows students to tailor a course of study suited to their professional and personal ambitions. Students have the option to focus their studies in one media area or sample a broad range of art and design perspectives. Visual Arts offers a variety of courses in the areas of painting, drawing, printmaking, ceramics, sculpture, graphic design, digital media, photography, and art history. Students can also minor in Visual Arts

The Visual Arts Program and the Psychology Department work in tandem to offer a minor in Art Therapy, starting Fall of 2021.  The minor meets the American Art Therapy Association’s basic requirements for entrance into their approved graduate programs by requiring 18 studio art credits and 15 psychology credits. Art therapists are masters’ or doctorate level professionals who hold a degree in art therapy or a related field.

The Art Students League, a UIS student group, is responsible for organizing exhibitions in the Access Gallery, an exhibition and performance space in the Visual and Performing Arts Building.

The UIS Arts & Artifacts Collection is managed by Art Faculty and University Staff and is composed of works of art and historical and cultural artifacts of quality and inherent value that exemplify the University’s commitment to excellence in creative accomplishment and public service.

Visual Arts Events