Mission of the Office of the Dean of Students

Serve all UIS students through outreach, programs and services focused on helping them enjoy college, be successful academically, prepare for graduation and careers, and assist them in successfully navigating needs and concerns that arise.

Welcome from the Dean of Students

Welcome to the University of Illinois Springfield (UIS) Office of the Dean of Students.  The office is committed to the academic mission of UIS. We partner with faculty and staff to identify and address obstacles to student success, support students in their efforts to make meaning of their collegiate experience (student development) and prepare them to become engaged public servants and leaders through meaningful out-of-class learning experiences, community standards, services and activities.

Our goal is to provide a dynamic and engaging campus community with a rich variety of diverse programs and services designed to enhance the personal growth, accountability and achievement of our students. Whether you reside on campus or commute to campus, your engagement in the life of the UIS community will play a significant role towards your ability to have a successful UIS collegiate experience. If you are a first-time visitor to our website, please take a few moments to view the important information about the UIS staff, programs, and services that support the academic, personal, and professional development of all University of Illinois Springfield students.

The Office of the Dean of Students seeks to partner with individual students and student organization to empower you to be personally aware of, responsible for and accountable for creating a safe, enjoyable and student centered campus life experience at UIS. Our offices and programs facilitate interactions among students, faculty, and staff to promote a campus climate that supports students’ academic success and their personal and professional development.

I invite you to accept the challenge to become an active academically and socially engaged participant in the UIS community. One of the primary factors in a university student’s success is how you take advantage of learning experiences inside and outside of the classroom and how you intentionally build meaningful relationships with faculty, administrators, staff and students during your collegiate experience.  We provide many opportunities to facilitate these connections through programs, leadership opportunities, internships, intramural athletics, civic engagement, community service, academic and social student organizations, and much, much more.

Please browse our website to learn more about the high-quality programs and services that can help you succeed. We welcome your partnership in building a learning community that is enriched by our diversity and sustained by civility and mutual respect. The Office of the Dean of Students is here to ensure that each student’s collegiate experience is a rich and rewarding journey toward future personal and professional success.