SUPR DUI Service Provider Orientation

Service Provider Orientation Training Materials

FOR FY24:  A binder of printed training materials will be provided at no extra cost to all participants. This hard copy will be mailed to each participant approximately one week prior to the training. For those who register after the deadline, we cannot guarantee the binder will arrive on time. However, all of the training materials are located here for your convenience.

You can download, save, or print the materials here:

  1. Day 1 Morning PowerPoint (PDF)
  2. Day 1 Morning Supplemental Files(PDF)
  3. Day 1 Afternoon PowerPoint (PDF)
  4. Day 1 Afternoon Supplemental Files (PDF)
  5. Day 2 PowerPoint (PDF)
  6. Day 2 Supplemental Files (PDF)
  7. Day 3 Morning PowerPoint (PDF)
  8. Day 3 Morning Supplemental Files (PDF)
  9. Day 3 Mock Hearing Documents (PDF)

Please note:

  • You are required to have all of the materials at the training, in print or electronic format.
    • Binders are being provided at no cost for trainings held in FY24.

Service Provider Orientation Curriculum

Day 1 – The DUI Service Provider System

SUPR DUI Service Provider System: 2060 Rules and Regulations:

Instructor: Lakeshia Sumrall-Carr, NCC, LCPC


  • updates and changes to DUI law, rule, and procedure in Administrative Rule 2060,
  • DUI evaluation process in Rule 2060, and
  • use of current forms and computer systems

The DUI Arrest: Standardized Field Sobriety Test and BAC Determination:

Instructor: Illinois State Police – Chemical Testing Unit


  • the DUI arrest process,
  • the Standardized Field Sobriety testing, and
  • the use of the breathalyzer equipment

Day 2 – DUI Assessment and Evaluation

DUI Assessment Tools


Topics will help participants:

  • Understand the strengths and limitations of the three assessment tools: Adult Substance Use Driver’s Survey (ASUDS-RI), Drivers Risk Inventory (DRI –II), and Mortimer-Filkins paper and pencil tool
  • Know the components of the three tools and how to apply them for an evaluation
  • Correctly and accurately administer, score, and interpret the ASUDS-RIDRI –II and Mortimer-Filkins tools

DUI Evaluation


Topics include:

  • step-by-step instruction on the DUI Evaluation process and use of associated IDHS SUPR forms
  • emphasis on interviewing skills, particularly probing, related to the substance use history and the DSM-IV symptoms of abuse and dependence

Day 3 – Understanding the Secretary of State Administrative Hearing Process for DUI Offenders

The purpose of this session is to clarify why the hearing process is structured in a manner that not only requires adherence to specific statutes and administrative rules, but also provides the latitude for subjective judgment in determining the outcome of any request for driving relief. Session format is as follows: lecture, simulated Secretary of State formal hearing, case study reviews, small group exercise, and panel discussion involving administrative hearing officers.


  • Wayne Gardner, J.D., Secretary of State
  • Panel of administrative hearing officers
  • Ira Maiman, Secretary of State Office
  • Kenneth Johnson, J.D., Secretary of State Office
  • Kevin Ryan, SOS Hearing Officer

Topics include:

  • legal foundation and procedural mechanics of the administrative hearing,
  • separate roles of the DUI service provider and the Secretary of State hearing officer within the hearing process, and
  • dynamics of the decision-making process following the hearing