Chancellor’s Award for Recognizing Excellence in Civil Service (CARE in Civil Service)
This award, established jointly by the chancellor and the Civil Service Advisory Council, will serve to recognize the exceptional work of all civil service employees and will honor one employee each year.

CARE Award News

Staff Appreciation Day 

On this day, held each academic year, the UIS community formally recognizes the hard work and dedication of its civil service staff members.  During this day, the CARE Award is presented during a formal ceremony and various activities may be held.  In past years, activities have included a catered meal for all civil service staff, scavenger hunts, door prizes, and Civil Service Question and Answer Sessions.

Staff Scholarship 

The Staff Scholarship is for any academic professional or civil service permanent employee who has worked at UIS for at least six months, an eligible employee’s spouse, domestic partner, civil union partner or children enrolled at UIS may apply for the staff scholarship. Retirees who worked at UIS for at least seven years as well as their spouses and children, children, and the spouse of a deceased UIS employee with seven years of UIS employment, and employees of related agencies housed on the UIS campus are also eligible for this scholarship.