Any status civil service employee may circulate a petition  to request to be on the ballot for the Civil Service Advisory Council. Only civil service employees may vote in the election to choose council members. Terms of office are two years. There is no term limit. Eight representatives are elected in even years and seven are elected in odd years.

Any elected member who is absent from three regular scheduled meetings of the council without notifying, in advance, one of the officers and without having a valid excuse, as determined by the officers, is automatically dropped from membership on the council. A replacement will be appointed according to the bylaws.

Voting members at the July council meeting, nominate council members to be officers for the next year. The officers are elected by secret ballot at the August meeting which is presided over by the Director of Human Resources (or his/her designee). In the case of a tie, another vote will be taken after discussion. Should a tie still exist, the Director of Human Resources will draw to break the tie. The term of office is one year.

In case of a vacancy in an office, the full council shall elect a replacement from the current members of the Council. The presiding officer shall notify the council of the reason for the vacancy in office and shall cause the position to be filled by election at the next scheduled council meeting. Election shall be by secret ballot. The person elected to office will serve until the annual election of officers in August.

Current Members

* Denotes a mid-term replacement