Amended September 5, 2018
Amended December 1, 2022

Constitution [DOCX, 21KB]


The name of the organization shall be the Civil Service Advisory Council of the University of Illinois Springfield.


  1. To provide a medium for the passing of ideas and information between employees, and employee groups to the Chancellor, the Associate Vice-Chancellor of Human Resources, and other administrators as appropriate;
  2. To represent civil service employees to campus administration and to advise the Chancellor and other administrators in the formation and implementation of policies and procedures relating to civil service employees;
  3. To study and make recommendations regarding campus conditions of employment, equity, problems, and needs either at the request of the campus administration, at the request of civil service employees, or upon its own initiative;
  4. To study and make recommendations regarding pertinent topics, upon request or upon its own initiative, to the Chancellor, the Associate Vice-Chancellor or Human Resources, the University Civil Service Advisory Committee to the Merit Board, and the Advisory Committee to the State University Retirement System.

ARTICLE III: Membership and Qualifications

  1. Any status civil service employee shall be eligible for membership on the Civil Service Advisory Council following the initial hiring probationary period;
  2. Membership of the full Council shall be composed of fifteen (15) representatives elected by the civil service constituency;
  3. There may be ex-officio Council members representing other constituencies as determined by the Officers. The Officers shall continually review the representatives on the Council and may make changes as needed.
  4. Council members shall be elected for two-year terms, with eight representatives being elected in even years, and seven representatives being elected in odd years;
  5. Any elected member who is absent from three regularly scheduled meetings of the Council without notifying, in advance, one of the Officers and without having a valid excuse, as determine by the Officers, is automatically dropped from membership on the Council. A replacement will be appointed according to the Bylaws;

ARTICLE IV: Officers

  1. The Officers shall be: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.
  2. The Officers shall be elected from the fifteen employee elected representatives.

ARTICLE V: Election of Officers

  1. Names shall be placed in nomination by the voting members at the July Council meeting. A ballot shall be prepared by the incumbent Officers prior to the August Council meeting. Officers shall be elected by secret ballot at the August Council meeting. The Associate Vice-Chancellor of Human Resources (or designee) shall preside at the election and all elected members shall cast a ballot. In the case of a tie, another vote will be taken after discussion. Should a tie still exist, the Associate Vice-Chancellor of Human Resources (or designee) will draw to break the tie.
  2. Term of office shall be one (1) year.
  3. In case of a vacancy of office, the full Council shall elect a replacement from the current members of the Council. The presiding officer shall notify the Council of the reason for the vacancy in the office and shall cause the position to be filled by election at the next scheduled Council meeting. Election shall be conducted by secret ballot as outlined in Article V, Section 1 above. The person elected to office will serve until the annual election of Officers is held at the August Council meeting.

ARTICLE VI:  Amendments

  1. Any member of the Council may propose an amendment to the Constitution of the Council by presenting it in writing at any regular meeting. The presiding officer shall assume responsibility of informing all members of the Council of the proposed amendment through written communication. The amendment shall be placed upon the agenda of the next regular meeting for discussion. All amendments will require two (2) readings, and shall be adopted, if approved by a two-thirds of the present voting Council members, so long as a quorum exists.