Testimonials & Alumni

“I am convinced all of humanity is born with more gifts than we know. Most are born geniuses and just get de-geniused rapidly.”
R. Buckminster Fuller

Astronomy Research Students

For information about mentored student research at the UIS Observatory follow this link.

  • Kristine Sonnek (Summer 2021)
    • Upgrading the process for PSF building in the Luminous Stars Survey Photometry Pipeline
  • Asung Shin (Summer 2021)
    • Software to process and extract spectra from images for the 10-C spectrograph.
  • Joey Green (Spring/Summer 2021)
    • Curation of photometry and looking for variable stars the Luminous Stars Survey
  • Ian Marvel (Summer 2019)
    • Reduction of images and photometry for the Luminous Stars Survey
  • Logan Kimball (Summer 2015, Summer 2017, Summer 2018, Summer 2019)
    • Cataloging Red Supergiants as part of the M31/M33 Luminous Stars Survey
  • Ben Summers (Spring 2015- Spring 2016)
    • Geometric parallaxes of nearby asteroids (CHE 400 Project)
  • Rob McFarland (Spring 2015-Fall 2015 )
    • Grating Spectroscopy of Long-period Mira Type Variables (CHE 400 Project)
  • Alex Lerch (Summer 2015)
    • Mathematical removal of systematic errors in light curves simultaneously observed by several different telescope systems. (CHE 400 Project)
  • Shelby Jarrett (Spring 2014-Spring 2015)
    • Photometry of T Tauri Stars (ASP 410, Spring 2014)
    • Analysis of spectroscopic trends in Epsilon Aurigae (CHE 400 Project, Fall 2014-Spring 2015)
  • Patrick Rolens (2013-2015)
    • Detecting new variable stars with the 20-inch telescope and U42 CCD Camera
  • Jacob Boehm (Spring 2013)
    • Light curves for eclipsing binaries (ASP 410)
  • Justin Mock (Summer 2012/ Summer & Fall 2013/ Spring 2014) **WINNER CHE Outstanding Research Thesis Award 2014**
    • Supernova Impostors  (CHE 400 project, winner Chemistry Undergraduate Research Award 2014)
  • Douglas Hamilton (Summer, 2012)
    • Kinematics of Eta Carinae’s Equatorial Ejecta (AST internship)
  • Cybil Foster (Spring/Summer 2012)
    • Epsilon Aurigae’s Out-of-Eclipse Spectral Variations (CHE 400 project)
  • Joshua Massey (Summer 2011 / Spring 2012)
    • Wavelength Calibration of Echellette Spectrogra and Spectroscopic Changes during Eps Aur’s 2009-2012 eclipse (CHE 400 project)
  • Cheng Fan (Summer 2011)
    • Wavelength Calibration of Echellette Spectrograph and Doppler Velocitie of Eps Aur (CHE 400 project)
  • Michael Verhulst
    • Advanced Rocket Propulsion
  • Jennifer Hubbell-Thomas
    • Masters in Education through Astronomy, Be-Stars

30 Doradus in the Large Magellanic Cloud; taken from hubblesite.orgStudent Testimonials

Do you wonder what
other students think about the Astronomy Program?

Here are some students’ opinions of
Prof John Martin, who teaches all
of the Astronomy and Physics courses at UIS:

“This course was easily one of the best science courses I have taken in some time. The subject was interesting and presented well. Professor Martin got through a lot of material in one semester, and made it understandable. He always was happy to answer any of the questions that popped into my head during class.” – ASP 221, Spring 2012

This class has opened my eyes to new possibilities and ideas regarding the universe. Dr Martin always gave interesting lectures with current up to date information” – ASP 221, Spring 2012

Dr. Martin is capable and confident in the classroom and always helps when any reaonsable request is made. His presentations and lectures are informative and I always feel more educated after his class.” – ASP 221, Spring 2012

Dr. John Martin has been my favorite instructor so far, an excellent teacher that pushing learning and stands by his expectations. He is understanding and firm. I really enjoyed the class and was thrilled to have such a great teacher! Promotion!” – ASP 101, Fall 2012

“I’ve never met any professor so eager or willing to help his students. This quality in him I feel is hardly recognized to the extent it needs to be… Great professor!” – ASP 202, Spring 2011

“Very good teacher. Knows how to explain things well. Understanding of other classes demanding time. Yet he does a good job to help us acheive our highest potential.” – ASP 201, Fall 2010

“Prof. Martin was very available to assist with any problems and concerns we were having with the class.” – ASP 221, Spring 2010

“Dr. Martin did an excellent job in relaying his principles and fundamentals of physics. He is always very enthusiastic in helping out and explaining things. Thank you for a great year.” – ASP 202, Spring 2010

“Great professor. His office is always open and he gladly puts other tasks aside to help students.” – ASP 202, Spring 2010