Spring Star Party Events in 2024

This is the page for Star Parties held once a month at the Campus Observatory during the spring semester.

We are not taking reservations for Spring Star Parties. Walk-ups will be admitted on a first come first serve basis.

The dates for Spring Star parties in 2024 are:

Where is the UIS Campus Observatory?

The Campus observatory is on the roof of Brookens Library. The entry to the observatory is on the southeast corner of the building.  If you are at the front of the building facing the UIS fountain, put your left hand on the building and walk about one third of the way around it to a door clearly marked “Observatory” which will be open for the event. The observatory is through that door and up five flights of stairs to the roof. Brookens Library is building #1 on the campus map. The door for the observatory is on the southeast corner (lower right on the map) of the building.  We suggest parking in Lot B or Lot C.

Is there elevator access to the Campus Observatory?

For in person Star Parties at the campus observatory: No, not during a Star Party. For a Star Party at the Campus Observatory, visitors are required to climb up and down four flights of stairs AND a short 5 ft ladder up to the main telescope dome. If you or a loved one that wants to attend a Star Party has trouble with stairs or ladders you should call 217-206-8342 and ask about our Sunday Night Star Parties for people with disabilities. Those Star Parties are fully accessible and require no stair or ladder climbing.

What do you do if it is cloudy?

We need clear skies to show you the stars at Star Party. People who are registered in advance for Star Parties will be notified if there is a change in plans because of the weather. We will try our best to give notice of a change no latter than an hour before scheduled start time.

There will also be a phone message at the number 217-206-8342 at least an hour before the scheduled star on the night of the Star Party.

Or you can get information and updates from Dr. Martin's Instagram.

Upcoming Events

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