Green Meeting Guidelines

A Green Meeting or Event: incorporates environmental considerations to minimize its negative impact on the environment. (Convention Industry Council)

The University of Illinois Springfield is committed to being as environmentally conscious and friendly as possible. Your efforts are a necessary component in achieving this goal.

Please consider the following:

  • Encourage presenters to leave handouts behind and go “paperless.” Pass around a sign-up sheet for email addresses of those who would like to be sent an electronic copy of the speaker’s presentation.
  • Encourage attendees to deposit all recyclable materials in the building’s recycling containers.
  • Purchase name badges that are reusable, such as those with paper inserts, rather than stickers. Have a collection box available at the end of the meeting to return name badges for reuse.
  • Turn off meeting room lights after all guests have left.
  • Encourage presenters to only bring a realistic number of promotional materials. Have them recycle unused materials rather than throwing them away
  • Encourage presenters to use environmentally friendly packing materials such as cardboard.
  • If paper copies are preferred, have all materials printed on recycled paper, using soy or vegetable based inks. Print or copy on both sides of the paper, and avoid using glossy paper when possible.
  • Create signage that is recyclable or can be used again at future events.
  • Choose centerpieces and decorations that can be reused, such as living plants or silk flowers. Give these away as door prizes.
  • Consider providing your attendees with reusable coffee mugs at the beginning of the conference, rather than disposable ones.
  • Ask presenters to limit materials by:
    • Bringing only what is needed for attendees
    • Distributing information as PDF downloads
    • Avoiding dated materials
  • When working with UIS Food Services to plan your food and beverage needs:
    • Request that china service or biodegradable disposable service ware be provided, as well as cloth napkins and tablecloths.
    • Eliminate use of plastic stir sticks with any beverage service, and request reusable spoons in their place.
    • Ask that condiments, beverages, and other food items be served in serving containers rather than individual packets.
    • Include vegetarian meals, and plan meals requesting fair trade coffee and local, seasonal produce when possible.
    • Provide accurate meal counts (at least one week prior to the event) to help limit food waste.
    • Ask to have food served without garnishes or use edible garnishes.
    • Eliminate plastic water bottles by giving attendees a reusable water bottle and utilizing water filling stations.

We are asking you to join us in making a commitment to help us protect our natural resources.